Chloe Campos Weight Loss

Chloe Campos Weight Loss. She Lost 100 Pounds With 3 Methods!

Chloe Campos is an ordinary girl in the world. Struggling with the toxic job, low self-esteem, fear of trying new things, depression and struggling through all the modern issues that Millenials go through. But for Chloe Campos, all the hurdles were not strong enough to stop her from achieving her health goals. This is the true & inspiring story of an ordinary 26-year-old girl with 256 pounds of weight losing 100 pounds in 4 years. This is an amazing story of Chloe Campos weight loss. In this article, you will get to know, which methods Chloe Campos used to lose weight. Which diet and exercise routine she followed to lose those extra 100 pounds from her body. So, let’s get started with this motivational health & weight loss journey of Chloe Campos.

But before knowing more about her weight loss, I would like to tell you more about her and her hardships and all the health issues Chloe had to go through all her life.

Who Is Chloe Campos

Chloe Campos is not a celebrity star or TikTok Or a YouTube star, She is just a 30-year-old ordinary girl. But her work has made her extraordinary and people want to know more about her. She is from Greenville, South Carolina. Currently, she is working on a wellness coaching certificate program. Apart from this, she also works part-time at a kickboxing gym and runs a shoe store. But in recent days her weight loss transformation has made her famous on Instagram. On her Instagram account, she has more than 11k followers. She posts various photos about her weight loss transformation and her daily routine like diet and exercise on her Instagram account.

Chloe’s Weight Loss Struggle

In her interview with WomensHealthMag, she expressed all her feelings and all her life journey and her struggle for weight loss. Talking about her weight issues, Chloe told in the interview that she has struggled with her weight for most of her life. And she didn’t have any memory of the time when she was not struggling with her weight. She further added that the weight struggle was so real for her that she even had used the YO-YO diet when she was just 11 or 12 years old.

Chloe considers herself an emotional eater. She used and & still uses food for comfort. And after entering college, this become one of the main reasons why she gained weight so quickly. She had major self-worth and self-esteem issues. She was a smoker & used to consume heavy alcohol almost every day. Had no energy almost every day, and was always off-mood and angry all the time. In those days, she could barely bend over to tie her shoes. She was totally different person and even for Chloe, it was a very different situation and hard to recognise the person she had become. Everything was going in a different direction from her. She was just not happy and depressed with all these things in her life.

She expressed that she was really heartbroken and was looking for love and comfort in such a situation. But her search for love & comfort was totally in the wrong things. She didn’t have any idea how to express herself and ask for what she wants in her life, so she ends up using food to cope with all those things. And her emotional eating added more excess fat to her body.

Chloe’s Weight Loss Journey

Chloe was going through many things in her life. She was gaining weight, going through the bad habit of smoking and alcohol, eating all the bad and unhealthy foods, and was depressed. All the things that can go wrong for a human were going wrong with her. But she was not ready to face the doctors and had awkward conversations with them like her weight is a little higher this time from her previous visit.

She continuously tried to lose weight for the last 10 years. But due to all her bad habits of smoking, alcohol and unhealthy foods, she was not able to lose and maintain a healthy weight. Apart from her bad habits, her not exercising and extremely toxic work environment was affecting more & more her mental & physical health. That was the moment when Chloe Capmpson felt very alone.

It was her 26th birthday, to celebrate her birthday and light up her mood, Chloe and her friends gathered at a local bar.

On the day of my 26th birthday, I had a gathering at a local bar with my friends. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of memories from that night. But what I do remember was being very intoxicated and getting into a fender-bender on the way home. The gathering was a moment of relief and intoxicating for Chloe. The very next day, she had a trip planned to go to South Carolina to visit her friend & her husband. The intention of the trip was to feel relaxed for her but throughout the whole trip she was constantly remembering the moments of her birthday and thinking about her life and all these thoughts made her sad. But after her trip, Chloe decided to change her life. She knew that it was needed. This trip that she had in 2017, changed everything for her.

Chloe Campos Weight Loss Transformation

After she decided to make a change in her life in 2017, she decided to leave her extremely toxic job and relocate to her hometown in South Carolina with her friend. She decided to shift to her friend’s place until she gets on her feet. Chloe made this shift in early 2018. And not miss that her mother encouraged her a lot to take this step of starting a new life and making changes to her lifestyle.

It was a new life, a brand new start for Chloe. But this time, she didn’t want to make this start again a failed attempt like many attempts or we can say failed attempts she had previously. She wanted to make this real this time. To make this happen and make this change a reality she needed to stay accountable. Because she knew that she had broken many promises like we all do when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. She was making and breaking the promises made to herself over the last many years.

She wanted to do something different this time. Something like that can force her to continue her health journey, something like that can motivate her every time to keep on going. She finally decided to document her entire weight loss and health journey on Instagram. In her interview, Chloe mentioned that initially, she was terrified because if she is going to document everything on Instagram, then she would have to be completely transparent with where she was at. But her decision of her finally changed her life. Putting everything about her journey helped her a lot in staying motivated throughout her weight loss.

Chloe’s Weight Loss Methods

After getting motivated to a healthy life, Chloe Campos started to take her first step in the direction of her goal of weight loss. Throughout her journey, she tried many things but among all, she found the best 3 things that helped her in her weight loss. Chloe Campos in her interview with WomensHealthMag revealed these 3 things that helped her.

1- Right Food Choice:

According to Chloe Campos, she feels that every human is different from the other. We all are built differently. Our bodies are different and our habits are different. There are a lot of weight loss diets and healthy food options available. But that’s not necessary that if one diet works for someone then it would also work for you. Chloe advises people to just listen to their individual bodies, experiment with different foods and see what works for them. Add more veggies & fruits, healthy fats, and protein into your food intake. Drink more water and remove proceed foods from your diet. But, don’t forget to enjoy your food. If you won’t enjoy your food then eventually, you will get bored and will be forced from inside to quit. It is very normal to have some cake some days while you are having veggies all day.

2- Enjoy Exercising:

Chloe in her interview told that people should not exercise just for the sake of getting slim but they must enjoy the exercise. People should exercise because you love & honour your body. You should do exercise or should use the movements of the body that you think is fun. If you enjoy doing exercise or body movements, then you will be encouraged to do this every day. Or even you can experiment with different exercises and find out the ones you enjoy the most. And even you can ask your friend to join you in your exercise session and that will be fun. Because if you hate workouts, then it won’t help you in any manner. Stop boring exercises and start doing something fun exercises. Or try to make your exercise sessions interesting and enjoyable. This will help you a lot, my friend.

3- Believe In Yourself:

In her interview, Chloe Campos expressed that she started her health journey by believing in and loving herself and that was the key to her achievement. If you can not believe then you can not do it and if you won’t believe in yourself then who will? No one will believe it. Gratitude, Self-Love, and Positive Affirmation all are the base of starting any journey. You must start practising these. You have to teach your mind what is important and what you need for yourself. Eating and exercising are not enough when you don’t respect your body. Nothing will change unless you start to believe.

Chloe Campos Weight Loss Diet

Of the 3 methods that helped her in losing weight, food choices or eating the right food was one. Unless you eat the right foods nothing will change in your body. And when it comes to weight loss, the thing that matters the most is your right food choices & what your diet is. Chloe Campos also focused on her eating habits and totally changed her food preferences. Here is the detailed diet routine and weight loss diet chart of Chloe Campos that she revealed in her interview.


For her breakfast, Chloe Campos likes to take a cup of water with Ultima Electrolyte Powder. This helps her in staying hydrated and the powder also provides her with the energy. Then she takes her coffee mixed with Protein Powder. The ratio between coffee & protein powder is 50-50. Protein powder is very helpful for building muscle. A protein diet is also helpful in losing weight.


When discussing her lunch, Chloe told the interviewer that she has been on a Brunch kick lately. For her lunch, she prefers to have 2 Scrambled Eggs, 1 Chicken Sausage, Feta Salad, 1 Cucumber, dietary fat foods, and sparkling water. This is the whole menu for her lunch. Again, in her lunch, she likes to have protein-rich foods.


Having some healthful snacks can prevent you from overeating unhealthy and proceed foods. And having snacks between meals can help you in weight loss. Snacking stops your hunger pangs. Chloe Campos also knows the benefits of snacking in weight loss. She likes to have healthy snacks every day. For snacks, Chloe likes to have Carrots, Blueberries, some Catalina Crunch and Slices of Turkey. But Chloe also adds that she eats a pretty substantial lunch so doesn’t feel as hungry for snacks.


When Chloe was telling more about her dinner preferences, she told that she try to cook at least 3 meals at home a week. Her fiancé and she cooks food every other day. And for her dinner, she has been eating lots of healthy varieties. Her dinner menu includes Turkey Burgers with mixed Green Slaad, Rotisserie Chicken with Brussel sprouts & Cauliflower mash, Salmon with Green Beans, and Jasmine Rice.


Yes, That’s true, Chloe has also included some desserts in her healthy food habits. You can too try out this dessert recipe. She confessed that sometimes, she has some cheat days. She likes to have Ice Cream a few times a week. After all, it is all about enjoying your food.

Chloe’s Weight Loss Exercise

In the initial days of her weight loss journey, Chloe thought that she would start exercising right away so she can burn some pounds quickly. But Chloe confessed that she was very terrified to go to the gym. She even recalls her starting days when she used to sit in the parking lot for a while to gather the courage to enter the gym. This is why because in starting days, she was very low on self-esteem and used to feel embarrassed by people looking at her. And top of that, Chloe was totally unaware of what to do in the gym. In starting she mostly did cardio exercises such as running on a treadmill.

But later, she felt that she like to work out at home rather than at the gym. She liked doing workout DVDs or the workouts she found on social media platforms like Instagram & Pinterest. Slowly-slowly it got easier for her. Initially, Chloe used to exercise 6 days a week. Her workout sessions included various cardio exercises & strength training group classes at her gym.

But now, Chloe has changed her workout routine. Now, she typically exercises 3 to 4 times a week. And her exercise routine mainly includes walking, running, and kickboxing. And if someday she is short on time due to some issues, she likes to do a quick HIIT workout in her office.

She further expressed that, it was like a dream for her for years to be able to run but due to her being overweight, it was not possible for her. But now she runs daily and it is one of her favourite ways to clear her mind and move her body. recently she did her first 5K race and completed the race in just 31 minutes. And that’s an achievement. For this, Chloe gives credit to her fiancé who is a runner by the way. He really helped her in her journey.

Apart from running, Chloe considers kickboxing as her other favourite way of exercising and body movements. She thinks that kickboxing is super fun for her and also considers it the best form of stress release body exercise. In her own word, Chloe Capmson told “After having a hard day, being able to kick and punch a bag and get your frustration out is the best!

Online Community Support

When you are on a journey of something and the journey is tough as hell then you surely need some support in your life. You need someone to help you when you are down, you need some support to boost your morale when you are about to quit, and you need some guidance throughout your journey to achieve your goals. It becomes so difficult when you have no support or guidance in your journey.

Chloe Campos also found her guide in FitGirls.Com. FitGirls.Com is an online portal that or I can say that it is a fitness program that helps women not only in weight loss but also in becoming healthy. The online program provides various healthy food recipes & fun workout ideas. They are pretty famous for providing healthy spin recipes of our all-time favourite recipes like pizza, burgers, tacos, pasta & all. The community is so strong. On their Instagram @fitgirlsguide, they have more than 4 million followers.

In the community, they have the day to day challenges like photo posting, walking 10000 steps a day, drinking a gallon of water a day, style challenges and much other stuff. According to their official website, women from all around the world have posted more than 2 million photos on Instagram using their hashtags. The program has various support programs to empower all women around the world irrespective of their age, fitness and background.

And when it comes to helping Chloe Campos, the “FitGirls” community provided her with easy meals and workout plans to get started and learn how to leave a healthy lifestyle in 28 days. The plan includes a manual on how to cook healthier meals. According to the plan, Chloe eats 1400 calories a day and she excepts that the program helped her in creating healthier habits for herself. The online community helped her a lot in her struggle.

Chloe Campos Weight Loss Before-After Images

Photos speak, they stop the time. We can see our past through pics. Here are some of Chloe Campos’s weight loss after & before photos. I am sure these photos will give you the motivation to implement a healthy life. So, here is a sneak peek into Chloe Campos Weight Loss journey through pictures.

Chloe Campos Weight Loss After Before Photos

Chloe Campos Weight Loss After Before Images

How Chloe Campos Lost 100 Pounds

Chloe Campos Weight Loss Workout

Conclusion: The Journey Of Losing 100 Pounds

It took Chloe 4 years to lose 100 pounds of weight. Throughout her journey of 4 years, she has seen many ups & downs. She quit and she again started. But in the last year, she was more intense in her journey and totally devoted herself to her goal of weight loss. It was like recommitting to his goals again for her. In her journey, Chloe Campos has more focused on being strong and accepting herself rather than weighing herself. In her own words, “Not only does the number on the scale not determine my worth or success but there are so many other non-scale victories to celebrate“, she told in the interview.

The motto of starting the journey was to get healthy and feel better for her. She hated the life she was living previously and she accepts that she never wants to go back to that life ever again. But even after losing 100 pounds of weight, she is still dealing with some internal issues & problems she was dealing with when she was 256 pounds heavy. But Chloe Campos accepts herself and her body as it is. It took her a long to realize that she has never believed in herself and never taught a single good thing about herself.

In closing her interview, Chloe Campos told that she wish that someone would have told her earlier that inner work is more important than outer work. And at the end, Chloe also advises that once someone does the inner work then everything else falls into the right place automatically.

Even after facing numerous issues in her life, Chloe finally achieved her goal. Her goal was to become healthy, her goal to lose weight, implement a healthy life, be energetic, and her goal was to run. She achieved all. But for that, she has made many changes in her life & habits. But finally, she is here 100 pounds down and healthy.



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