Chaz Bono Weight Loss. Photos 2022, Diet & The Secret You Don’t Know.

Chaz Bono Weight Loss before after

Weight loss is always a hot topic in the health industry but the weight loss industry is full of myths and full of fake information. If you too are on a weight loss journey then you too have heard much advice from various people. But how many of them are correct? Like we always follow celebrities and love to know more about their daily routine and fitness secrets. Most people always think that celebrities use supplements and costly medicines to remain in shape or even to shed extra pounds.

Maybe some of them are using some high-cost medicines but this is not the case for every celebrity. Some celebrity people do believe in the healthy and natural weight loss process.

Chaz Bono is also one of these celebrities. And he is quite popular these days for his weight loss journey. Here we will go through the whole journey of Chaz Bono’s weight loss process. And you will get to know how his journey can help you, too in your weight loss journey.

Who Is Chaz Bono

Chez Bono is a popular American musician, writer, and actor. He is the son of Cher & Sonny Bono. Chaz was born on March 4th, 1969. He started his career as a child artist working in his parent’s show named” The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour“. Chaz was born as a female and his birth name was Chastity. Later as he grew up he started to feel attracted to women and had relationships with women over that time period.

In the initial days, many tabloids accused him of being a Lesbian but he never spoke about this ever in public. But in 1995 he finally changed his identity from woman to man and changed his name from Chastity to Chaz. He expresses those feelings as that he always felt like a man and it was a relief for him and peace of mind after he accepted his real identity. But for his mother Cher it was so difficult to accept his only child’s new identity in the initial days. According to Chez during all his growing up time her mother Cher always wanted him to love being a girl and all those things that a girl loves. But Chaz never really felt connected with her mother’s thoughts that she wanted for Chaz. Chaz’s relationship with her mother was not so good.

In an interview with CNN Chaz’s mother, Cher accepted that in the beginning, it was very difficult for her to accept the reality of Chaz. She was not even comfortable with Chaz’s Transitioning from female to male. His whole life, he has gone through a struggle with thoughts of being in the wrong body. These thoughts took their toll on his body. And even during his transitioning period, he lived an inactive life just spending time playing video games, drinking, smoking, and even drug consumption. This all becomes the reason for Chaz’s overweight physic.

Chaz Bono male female before after

This period of weight gain hit him and he started to think about weight loss. To get in shape again and for weight loss, he went on a fitness show called Celebrity Fit Club season 3 in 2006. During the show, he got some positive results but those results didn’t last long. He blamed his food cravings and the hormonal changes he was going through during his transitioning period for all this.

Chaz Bono Weight Loss Journey

Chaz Bono was always suffering from an identity crisis and never felt connected to his body. Until his transition from a woman to men, he never cared about his body and growing weight. Only after his complete transformation into a new body did he start to care about his health and weight loss.

When he started his health journey he was about 250 pounds. And as you know his height is about 5 feet 2 inches and for a person of his height 250 pounds is much higher than normal weight. To get succeeded in his weight loss journey He took the help of DR. Travis Strok. Dr. Travis recommended that he should lose anywhere between 50 to 80 pounds in starting. By doing this Chaz can be able to lower his weight to a healthy weight level. And Chaz was able to lose around 60 Lbs.

And how did Chaz achieve this? Dr. Travis guided Chaz through the whole weight loss process step by step. To get the desired weight level and to keep those extra pounds off Chaz’s body Dr. Travis made him a combined plan of healthy diet according to his body needs and exercises that Chaz enjoys.

Chaz Bono Weight Loss Exercise

For weight loss, only two things are important how you eat and how active you become. If you are focusing on eating healthy only then it is not going to help you. By consuming low calories, you have to burn more and more calories in order to lose weight. So to get the perfect weight loss results Chaz started some exercises as per his choice and convenience. Below are some details of Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss Exercises.

Martial Arts:

Martial Art is a full-body workout. Every part of the body moves and stretches in Martial Art. It is an intense exercise for weight loss. Martial art is a part of Chaz Bono’s routine life. Chaz enjoys Martial Arts. That’s why it is a fun activity for him which helped in his weight loss journey. Because you love and enjoy something then it becomes easier for you to adopt the habit regularly.


Kickboxing is a type of cardio exercise. It helps in burning a lot of calories throughout the exercise session. It is possible to lose up to 350 calories in just 30 minutes of intense kickboxing sessions. Kickboxing is also a form of martial arts which includes punching, kicking, and footwork. Chaz Bono has used Cardio Kickboxing while he was on his weight loss journey as an enjoyable weight loss exercise.


Everyone knows that dancing is a great way of enjoying the moment and having fun but do you know that dancing is also a great form of exercise. Dancing is a great way for muscle strength, high Calorie & fat burn, and weight loss. It increases stamina and agility. Chaz enjoyed his dancing sessions. It is not known which exact dance forms Chaz practiced while he was on a weight loss journey but dancing has helped Chaz a lot in weight loss while improving his mood on the other hand.

Chaz Bono Weight Loss Diets

The other part of weight loss is diet. Or we can say that the major part for anyone who wants to lose weight must be a diet. That doesn’t matter how much exercise you do, how many hours you spent sweating in the gym if you are not eating well. How much weight you lose will come back again if you can’t find a good eating habit for yourself.

No-Diet Regimen

But in this matter, Chaz has a bit different thinking about weight loss diets. He thought that diets don’t work. Instead of sticking with strict weight-loss diets, Chaz thinks of eating healthy and good. He changed his eating habits. Rather than eating grains, he switched to eating mainly vegetables, meats & fruits.

And as a matter of fact, many dieticians and nutritionists believe that some strict weight-loss diets like low carbs keto diet or only smoothies diet can help in getting rapid weight loss results in the short-term but they aren’t good for long-term weight loss goals. If you are not eating well then whichever diet you follow, you will eventually gain the weight back.

As per Chaz, the best way to lose weight and keep those extra pounds off your body is to keep your metabolism healthy. And to keep the metabolism it is recommended to eat healthy, fresh, and good always and avoid bad food choices as much as possible. And do regular exercises. This is the main reason why Chaz was able to lose 60 pounds of weight and kept off those pounds off his body. He was able to make his weight loss journey enjoyable with good food choices and fun exercises that he enjoyed doing.

In his own words ” NO GRAINS, NO SUGAR, NO DAIRY except goat cheese, NO WHITE STARCHES, PORTION CONTROL, and HIGH-INTENSITY ENJOYABLE WORKOUTS“. is the only weight loss way he has followed.


And as you may have gotten the idea that Chaz has not followed any strict weight-loss diets, instead he followed a simple formula of eating right, good and fresh. For this Chas Bono got help from Freshology to curate his food plans. And for the people who don’t know what freshology is, let me tell you a little bit about the company and its working areas.

Freshology is powered by Diet-To-Go. Freshology is a fresh meal program that helps its clients in making customized food plans according to their individual needs. And prepare and deliver those freshly cooked meals to their clients. If you are a diabetic patient you get fresh meals according to your diabetes-friendly food plans. If you want the keto meals you get them, too from Freshology.

Freshology and its meal plans helped Chaz a lot. He learned and adopted those eating habits from freshology and continued to eat well and healthily.

Chaz Bono Before After Photos

Other people’s success always inspires us. After the successful Chaz Bono weight loss, many of us wanted to know the exact path he followed in order to get the success Bono has achieved. Photos are the best sources to describe achievements. Here are some photos of Chas Bono from different years like 2020, 2021, 2022 & others, and different times to show you the exact journey he has gone through.

Chas Bono Weight Loss Before After Photos

Chaz Bono
Chaz Bono Weight Loss
Chaz Bono Weight Loss before after

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