Casey King Weight Loss, Diet, Surgery & Before-After Pics

Stephen Casey King is the real king of weight loss. I mean I have never seen anyone in my entire life, Who has lost a total weight of 579 pounds (262 kgs). Yes, you read that right, Casey has lost that much weight. King has almost taken out 4 people from him. In this article today we will discuss the weight loss journey of Casy King that how he struggled with his weight and what problems he faced during his journey of weight loss.

How Casey King Gained Weight?

Casey was a normal size kid in his school. At the time of high school, King weighed about 300 pounds, in his early 20s Casey weighed 400 pounds, and After completing his studies Casey started Doing jobs at several restaurants, and also eat a lot at them. Casey started gaining weight and eventually, he was at 500 pounds. It becomes difficult for Casey to move so he had to quit his job. When he had no job and was doing nothing to make money his mother kicked him out of her house. Saying “If you can’t work, If you can’t find a job, and can’t make money you can’t live here. After being kicked out of his mother’s house Casey had nowhere to go so he went to his father’s house to live.

At his father’s house, he was doing nothing all day. In the TLC show, Casey stated that at his father’s house I use to wake up at 12 and always try to find something to eat first. I use to sit on the bed all day and played video games all day. Casey also explained why he loves playing video games all day “Video games are the only place I escaped, It’s the only place where I am not being judged on my weight. So people get to see the real me the real Casey.” Casey also added “It’s hot in Georgia very hot so I just sit naked on my bed all day to play video games. It makes me feel comfortable.”

Casey King Fat

The Frustration of Casey King

In the show Family By The Ton Casey explained his frustration about his overweight and obesity problem. Casey said “I never really thought that at the age of 34 I had been still living with my father. Having no job, Having no real money, Just playing video games when sitting on the bed and eating all day. Casey also explained how he gained more weight when he was at his father’s house. “The only two things that I knew made me happy were Video Games and Food. So I and my father always ate like kings, But in the worst way, I was eating till I am dead. We ate whatever we want Pizzas, Chicken, and Japanese Food. We always got it delivered to whatever we wanted“.

Later when he was featured on the TLC’s show Casey and his dad both made promises to Dr. Charles Procter Jr. that they both will quit their unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits of bad food. In the beginning, Casey faced so many problems with the food and at the gym as well. Then things got easier when Casey’s mom ensures. That Casey will follow the doctor’s provided diet plan and workout as well. Casey’s mother started to take care of his activities. She said that “Casey was more active in her house and played fewer video games during the day.”

Casey also stated that “My mom is on my case but in a good way. Because without her putting everything in place like this, The motivation just wouldn’t be there. Being at my mom’s is kind of like being at fat camps. I will do whatever she says while I am here. But it will be impossible to keep this up.

Casey King Weight Loss

At the beginning of his journey of weight loss, Casey was at 711.8 pounds on the scale. King’s weight loss is really a king-size weight loss. The journey of his huge weight loss is truly an inspiration for all those extra overweight people who have lost every hope. Casey was featured on the TLC’s show Family By The Ton season 2. In the second season, the show featured two overweight families The Andersons and the Kings. Every one of them lost a certain amount of weight with the help of weight loss surgery, But Casey is different from all of them because Casey lost triple times more weight than everyone else on the show. Casey was featured on the show with his cousins Ed, Amanda, and Emmy. All their combined weight was almost 2200 pounds.

After completing his weight loss surgery in the show and losing weight of 186 pounds. Casey met his family and on the show when his current weight was 525 pounds, Casey made a statement that “My next goal of weight loss is 400 pounds and 250 pounds is my ultimate goal.”

King didn’t stop at that he really proved his statement right. After Weight Loss Surgery Casey joined a gym and hired a personnel trainer and made several changes to his life. To reach his ultimate goals Casey really worked hard to transform his body completely, and now we all can see his hard work.

Casey King Weight Loss

Casey King’s Weight Loss Surgery

When Casey and his family Consulted Dr. Charles Procter Jr. for the weight loss surgery. Dr. suggested him to do several changes in his lifestyle. Casey had to change his diet, and daily routine and also had to join a gym. In the beginning, Casey faced several problems with his diet and with the workout as well but with help of his mother, Casey finally became compatible for surgery.

In the beginning, Casey was very scared about the surgery saying “I fear surgery in general, But if I Don’t change now I could be immobile in the next five years. Where they are fork lifting me out of my room“. He eventually got to the breakthrough of his fear after he got Successful weight loss surgery. After the surgery, Casey reached from 711 pounds to 631 pounds. After getting surgery Casey didn’t stop there. Casey continued his weight loss journey. and reached his ultimate goal. Casey’s family is so much happy for him.

Casey King Weight Loss

Casey King’s Instagram

Casey loves to share his current picks on his Instagram account. King also shares lots of photos of his insane transformation and talks about his journey. On his 37th birthday, Casey shared a photo of a weighing machine on which he has reached his ultimate goal of 255 pounds.


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Casey King started his journey at 711 and reached 255 pounds in the end when he turned 37.  When consulted with Dr. for his weight loss surgery Dr even warned him that “If you don’t make certain changes to your lifestyle you can die in a few years”. But now we all know where Casey stands.

It is a truly inspirational story for everyone. Every overweight person who thinks there is no way out of this Casey’s story is the answer to everyone’s every question. Three years ago in 2019, it was very difficult for him to even move easily, He couldn’t stand for too long, He needed help from his father in bathing, He did not have any job or any real money. Casey was even kicked out of his own house by his mother for not doing anything except eat and play video games the whole day.

Now after three years of hard work Casey has a Real Job. King works at Home Depot for the last two years. He is happy with his life. He is making money still working on himself and living life to the fullest. Casey often mentions on his Instagram how his life used to be and how it has changed now. When you will see any photo of Casey you will notice he is always smiling, No matter whether fat or thin there was always a smile on his face. Everyone should learn one thing from Casey, We should never give up no matter what the circumstances are.

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