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Things You Should Consider While Buying A Formal Shoes Online

Buy Formal Shoes Online: Use This Technic To Buy Formal Shoes Online. Keep These Points In Mind, It Will Help You To Buy Best Shoes Online. There are many types of footwear available in the market these days. But the formal shoes are always have topped the list. In this era of executive footwear, the demand for formal shoes had grown day by day. People are loving to have at least 1 pair of formal shoes in their closet. These official shoes are not only limited to office work these days. people love to use them as a fashion trend, too. At colleges, parties, weddings you will see people wearing them very often.

So, firstly there are many types of formal shoes available in the market offline or online. here we will see the main 2 types of formal shoes Without Lace Formal Shoes(Slip-On) and With Laces Formal Shoes(Lace-Ups). If you want to read or know about more formal shoes then read our 2-minute article Different Types Of Formal Shoes. And even you can consider reading the article about how to know the difference between the original and first copy shoes.

1)- Without Lace Formal Shoes

Formal shoes without laces are called Slip-On shoes or without laces formal shoes. Different types of colours you will find in the formal shoe category. Like Brown Formal Shoes, Black Formal Shoes. You can choose the colour as per your choice and requirements.

Provogue formal shoes slip on without lace
Image: Flipkart

formal shoes under 499 for menbrown formal shoes below 500









2)- With Lace Formal Shoes

The shoes with laces are known as lace-ups or with lace shoes. Some people prefer to wear only lace-up as they feel comfortable in only this type of shoes. You can tight the shoe whenever you want to tight the grip of the shoe or even can lose them if you want a relaxed feel.


Lace Up Leather Formal Shoes










Now, let’s see whats are the important points you should consider while buying a formal shoe.

1)-Firstly, THE SHAPE OF THE SHOE. The more broad shape you choose, the more comfortable you will feel while wearing them even if you have to wear them for long hours. Many think that broad shapes are out of fashion nowadays. But that’s not correct just see the image below.

feetway leather formal shoes black

2)- The second most important thing is to consider the size chart. You must buy an accurate size. Without a proper size, the shoe will hurt you even if it is branded or premium or something most sold product. Before making a purchase read the size chart given on the product page. Match the details with your requirements and then make a purchase. just see the size chart example here.

shoes size chart feetway

3)- The upper material. If the upper material is soft then it will be very good and beneficial for your feet. The material smoothes the upper layer.

4)The inner material. The footwear upper is made of 2 layers mainly first the upper layer and the second inner layer. You must choose a product with a soft inner layer. If the shoe has a soft cushion padded collar then it is a must-buy product. Just see the below example of a soft cushioned layer shoe collar.


5)- Flat Sole. If possible then you must go for flat sole shoes or try to purchase as possible flat as you are comfortable with. It is very helpful in long hours of use if you choose flat sole formal shoes.


flat formal shoes


6)-Read the reviews. One of the most important things you should do is to read the reviews of other verified buyers available on the products page. About the product and about the seller, too.

7)- Take Your Time. Furthermore, This gonna be your partner for maybe for the next 6-12 months. So, take your time to choose the best one.

You can even check out the best formal shoes under 500 Rs. And please do share your views in the comment section. If we forgot something important to mention please let us know.

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