Brittany Renner Bio. All The Hidden Details You Should Know About Her.

Brittany Renner Wiki Bio

Before the inception of the internet & social media platforms like Instagram, FB, Twitter, etc, people used to believe that the only people we see on the big screen and on our Televisions are celebrities. But modern technology has changed everything. The meaning of popular celebrity has changed totally. No there are not only movie stars or TV stars but there are social media stars also. We follow them, we love them and we want to know more and more about them and their personal life.

Brittany Renner is also a very popular social media star with a strong fan following of 4.6 million followers on Instagram & more than 450k followers on Twitter. Recently after seeing her dating Rapper YG, people have started to speculate that Brittany Renner might be pregnant with the rapper’s kid.

Apart from this, her fans also want to know Brittany Renner’s personal details like her age, height, parents, is Brittany Renner married or dating someone, what is her net worth, etc. Here in this article, you will get to know everything related to Brittany Renner and her personal life.

Brittany Renner Wiki-Bio

Name:Brittany Renner
Height:170 M
Birth Date:26th February, 1992
Age (In 2022):30 Years Old
Occupation:Author, Fitness Model, Social Media Influencer
Written Books:Judge This Cover
Previously Dating:P.J.Washington
Currently Dating:Rapper YG
Kids:1 Boy Named Paul Jamaine Washington III
Net Worth:$500,000

Who Is Brittany Renner?

If I describe Brittany Renner in her own words then it would be something like “A mad, mouthy, majestic woman.” These are her own words she used in her Instagram bio describing herself. And in real life, she is really a person of these words. Brittany Renner is very outspoken about the topics most people don’t feel comfortable talking about in public. From time to time Brittany Renner has been seen giving her opinions about love & relationship matters.

But who is Brittany Renner in real life? Brittany Renner is a social media star, author, Zumba instructor, soccer player, and fitness guru. Throughout her life, Brittany Renner has been in different professions. Currently, Brittany Renner is Fitness Model and a social media influencer. But she started her career as a Zumba instructor in her early days of career. But between her starting days to today’s date, she has also worked as a salesgirl and caregiver several times.

She was a big fan of soccer in her university days and even played soccer during the same time period with the team Tigers. And in 2010, she also won the SWAC championship with her team. But later on, she got famous as a fitness model and changed her career. After, establishing herself as a fitness guru, she even started her own e-commerce portal named “BrittanyRennerFitness.Net” for selling various sportswear apparel like yoga pants, hoodies, leggings, etc. But maybe the project didn’t work for her and not the same website in non-functioning.

Brittany Renner is a fitness freak. She loves to maintain good health & toned body. She is a daily exercise & workout person. Being a popular and famous fitness model she has to be connected with her fans. She is quite active on most social media platforms. She has her own Youtube channel with more than 17K subscribers. But she doesn’t post any videos on her channel. The last video she posted was 6 years ago in November 2015.

Later on, in 2018, Brittany Renner wrote a book on her life named “Judge This Cover“. Brittany Renner has described her books as a liberating journey through the life and times of her life. This book walks you through the real-life journey of Brittany Renner. She calls this book her behind-the-scenes in her life.

Early Life & Family

Brittany Renner was born in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, in the United States on the 26th of February 1992. She was born & brought up in a Christian family. Her father is black and her mother comes of white descent. That’s why Brittany Renner is of a mixed ethnicity American. She has two siblings a brother named Steven Renner and a sister named Lexie Renner. Renner completed her graduation from Jackson State University, Mississippi.

Later, Brittany Renner made up her mind about doing something in the fitness world. So, she moved to Los Angeles from her hometown in Mississippi. Now, she is a famous fitness model and a well-known internet celebrity.

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Brittany Renner Career

Brittany Renner started her career by doing small jobs during her school & university days. She has even worked as a salesgirl and caregiver in her childhood. Later, she started her career as a Zumba instructor and worked for a while. But the inception of Social media and especially Instagram opened a large platform for her. She is very famous for posting attractive and good-looking pictures of her on social media. Slowly her pictures started to go viral and were liked by many people. Gradually she became famous among the people. She became very popular on Instagram in a very short time And this popularity opened new gates of opportunities for Brittany Renner.

Slowly, Brittany Renner started to get small brand endorsements. She was getting hired for various events. Brittany Renner was even hired by established and big brands like “XBOX” and “MICROSOFT” for different events.

Brittany Renner Boyfriend & Dating

If we go deep into Brittany Renner’s love life, then we found many names linked to her previously. No doubt she had dated many guys before. And here are the full details about her relationship and boyfriends. Brittany Renner’s name was linked to many celebrities before like Collin Kaepernick, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Tyga, Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, Jamal Murray, and P.J. Washington. From year to year Brittany Renner’s name has been linked to various famous personalities. Some of them were true and some of them were just rumors.

Brittany Renner & P.J.Washington

Brittany Renner P J Washington Baby

Among all her previous dating and relationships, her relationship with NBA player P.J.WSHINGTON is quite famous. In February 2021 the couple announced about there relationship on Instagram. Later in March 2021 after 1 month after their relationship announcement, the couple announced that they were expecting their first baby together. But, unfortunately later in July of the same year, Brittany Renner & P.J. Washington got separated. Their breakup was a little ugly. P.J. Washington twitted “You were faking it all along, after their breakup but later the NBA star player deleted his Tweet.

Brittany Renner & Rapper YG Dating

All the rumors of Brittany Renner & Rapper YG dating started from the photos circulated on April 21st, 2022. In the photos shared by DJ Akademiks on his Instagram Brittany Renner & YG were seen having Ice Cream together and holding hands. The couple was on a date night. YG has recently broken up with her long-time girlfriend Catelyn Sparks. With Catelyn, YG has two daughters six-year-old Harmony and two-year-old Vibe.

After seeing Brittany Renner & Rapper YG’s date night photos, people have started to speculate that the Instagram fitness model might be pregnant and expecting her second child with YG. But really Brittany Renner is pregnant with YG’s child? To date, Brittany has not spoken a word about her pregnancy. And even we have not seen her baby bump. So, we are sure that Brittany is not a second time pregnant. She is not holding a child of Rapper YG.

Brittany Renner Rapper YG Dating

Brittany Renner’s Net Worth

As an Instagram influencer, Brittany Renner earns a good amount through various boot camps and events. She is a fitness freak and fitness model. Many small and big brands are associated with her. She often promotes various products on her social media channels. According to the sources, Brittany Renner’s net worth is around $500,000 in 2022.

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Brittany Renner’s Advice For Deion Sanders. 

In a podcast episode, Jackson State Tigers head coach Deion Sanders said that he wishes that he would have heard Brittany Renner’s advice at a young age then he would have been at least $20 million richer today. Atlanta Falcon players Jamie Dukes, Deion Sanders & Brittany Renner were in a podcast and sharing their experiences. Elaborating on the things Deion further told in the podcast that he has lost almost $20 million in his two divorces as the alumni amount and lawyer fees.

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