BioEnergy Code Review. Is Angela Carter’s Affirmation Code Legit?

BioEnergy Code by Angela Carter Review. Living in this world simply translates to having to face challenges daily and working hard to overcome them and make sure that we are not crushed by the weight of the things we face. But on several occasions, we find ourselves in one situation or the other that might leave us feeling utterly beaten or broken, helpless and sad.

These are times we wish could just go away or sometimes we wish we could fight the growing feeling of depression welling up inside our hearts along with other negative emotions like fear, uncertainty, and a lack of satisfaction. 

These emotions come with a lot of negative energies that make it difficult for us to positively align ourselves with the day, and as these negative feelings and emotions accumulate, it becomes increasingly difficult to purge the user’s system of them, form the right attitude, and have the right focus for general life improvement. 

This subtly increasing unending cycle of negativity and negative energy is one of the major things this audio was made to combat. Over a series of learning classes and months of application, Angela Carter who has been fighting depression for several years was finally able to uncover the secrets to having a happy and positive life, maintaining pure and positive energy, and attracting only beautiful and positive energy all day long.

Here is the detailed review of Angela Carter’s BioEnergy code. You will get answers to all the questions related to BioEnergy Code like whether is it legit, does it work, and what is the correct way to manifest anything.

What Is BioEnergy Code?

Bioenergy code is a digital audio program that has been specially and specifically designed to bring out the best version of the user for the user’s everyday activities, which they have worked hard to achieve by studying and understanding all the properties and techniques of meditation. 

Years of practice with masters of the art of opening up the chakras of the body and releasing positive energy into the universe led Angela Carter to form a lifestyle of positivity that is free of depression, worries, and negativity. She quickly understood this was a technique she could share with everyone and improve their general life outlook and fortune.

Though she was passionate about sharing her knowledge with the rest of the world, she noted that she quickly ran into a particular problem; how much people weren’t able to concentrate enough to learn to meditate. I mean, if that wasn’t a problem then why did a lot of people either not try meditation at all or failed to just go through with it?

She had not much choice but to embark on further studies to find how this solution could be retailed to a population that had such a short attention span but still needed all the help they could get to stay on course with the right energies in the universe and know how to attract and manifest exactly what they wanted.

After discovering more secrets to not just manifesting, but also absolute concentration and the most effective methods for assimilating the lesson and learning to manifest accurately and release positive energy. She set out to put in a form that could reach as many people as possible and that’s how she came up with this beautiful manifestation audio BioEnergy Code

So, what exactly is this BioEnergy code? It is an audio program of about 30 minutes it is said that listening to it helps in activating and balancing all the energy centers or chakra centers in the body, guiding the user through the process of proper thought manifestation. It also connects the user to the universe, that connection between the user and the universe helps the user to achieve all that the user’s heart desires, promoting all the user’s thought processes and the user focus.

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What Does Bioenergy Code Do?

The makers of this so-called harbinger of positive energy, and a couple of users that left reviews have made a list of things they claim this audio can do for the user. A handful of user reviews suggest that the audio can do the following and more:

  • It helps the user put the user’s brain in a meditative and aligned state.
  • It easily aligns and opens up the energy centers in the body. 
  • Helps the user to manifest the kind of life that the user wants.
  • Helps the user to find balance and stability in the user relationships.
  • Stabilizes and increases the user’s mental well-being and financial status.

Put User’s Brain In A Meditative & Aligned State

The 30-minute audio is designed in a way that uses sound vibrations to relax and align the brain into a meditative state where it is easy for the user to access the universal energy and be in a concentrated state with the user’s energy. It helps to match the frequency of the universal positive energy so the user can be able to start manifesting the right things.

Aligns The Energy Centres

The audio program does not align or relax only the brain, it is said to also be able to align and open up all the user’s 12 energy centers or chakra points, to enable energy to flow much more freely in and through the user’s body which they say is very important for manifestation exercises.

Helps In Manifesting 

The sounds and exercises fit into this 30-minute audio teach the user all the major steps to manifestation and how to manifest things from the user’s thoughts and desires into the user’s life and situations, and to be at peace with the user’s decisions which will get rid of self-doubt and depression.

Balance & Stability In A Relationship 

This alignment and meditation audio does not only work to repair the user’s energy with the universe, some users even claim it has helped them align their relationships with other people. Whether family, partners, or co-workers, the user’s relationships with others are enhanced to yield more positive and progressive results.

Increase Mental & Financial Wellbeing 

It is said that the vibrational frequencies released by this 30-minute digital audio product have healing, aligning, and therapeutic effects. In essence, it makes the user a better person and then goes ahead to make everything around the user better by releasing that good energy that has been defined inside the user and using it to specifically attract things the user wants in the user’s life, including financial increase and wealth.

All these and more are said to be true of this expertly and meticulously crafted audio miracle that years of practice and dedicated learning have produced. This audio program is well designed for easy assimilation and optimum effects on both the body and the mind of every user, the reviews have also pointed to their effective activities so far.


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How Does BioEnergy Code Work?

This audio program is designed to change the user’s life permanently in nine premeditated stages that are practically and sequentially arranged for maximum usage and impact;

  • 1. Welcome the energy
  • 2. Foundational energy
  • 3. Relational energy
  • 4. Personal power
  • 5. Heart energy
  • 6. Expression energy
  • 7. Intuition energy
  • 8. Oneness energy
  • 9. Power extension

These nine phases of the audio program are specially designed for easy understanding and assimilation and are also sequentially arranged so that the progress is step-by-step.

Universal Energy

1)- Welcome The Energy

This is the first phase of the audio program, in this phase the user learns the types and feels of different types of energy, essentially the positive and progressive ones that the user should be focused on. This is labeling the energies so the user knows them, how to interact with them and how best to attract them, the user also learns how to open up oneself to be energy, basically ‘welcoming the energy’.

2)- Foundational Energy

This is the phase that exposes and explains the energies that the user needs to focus on, it teaches the user how to realign the user’s energies in the right ways and how to maintain the positive energies, disposition, and outlook the user needs for growth and continuous progress. 

3)- Relational Energy

This phase instructs the user on how to align the user’s energies with people around the user and the relationships the user has and the ones the user is making. It also enhances the user’s relationship with the right energies in the universe, the cosmic energy.

4)- Personal Power 

At this phase, the user should already be able to project their thoughts and desires into the universe. This phase teaches the user to manifest and express the user’s desires and wishes in the universe and how to be conscious of the user’s power. This is a phase where they use practical techniques for manifesting things for themselves.

5)- Heart Energy 

The energies in this phase teach the user to release work to give the user a healthier life and a brighter disposition. This works to help the user attract more of the positive cosmic energy flowing all around us. 

6)- Expression Energy 

Just like it says, the expression energy phase teaches the user how to express positive energy and desires into the universe, letting the user give form to the user’s thoughts and expressing positivity in the user’s actions.

7)- Intuition Energy 

In this 30-minute audio program, this phase helps the user trust more in their natural leadings and intuitions, knowing the right thing to do at the right time, and the right way to handle the situations that come the user’s way at any given moment. It teaches the user where intuitive energy and thoughts come from, and the user can easily direct and channel them on the go.

8)- Oneness Energy 

This is the energy that binds the user to the infinite universe, this explores and exposes the concepts and secrets of cosmic energy and how the user can tap into it at any given moment. Oneness energy, according to the makers of this audio program, and some reviews online is a kind of energy that fills up all the activities of the user once it is mastered and can be utilized in very amazing ways.

9)- Power Extension 

This is the final phase of the audio program and is sure to complete the experiences of the user, it is the phase where the user learns to use the user’s personal power to control situations and events around the user to the positive and make the user’s own thoughts come.

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How Much Does The Bioenergy Code Cost?

This wonderful manifestation-based audio can change the user’s life with a single purchase of just $37 and comes with 4 different bonuses and a one-year money-back guarantee period.

Basically, the creators are asking the user to change the user’s life for less than half a Benjamin and if the user does not see, or does not like the results they see before the end of one year, then come get your money back. It does not get more transparent than that, especially for a product that may have generated so much controversy about its efficacy when it was released.

BioEnergy Code Price

What are the benefits of this audio?

This audio program has been listed to be able to help the user align their life, manifest the things they desire, learn to welcome and embrace the cosmic energy, and remove negativity and negative energy from their lives. 

The major advantage embedded in this audio is the ability to manifest the user’s thoughts and desires during and after usage, the arrangement and proper representation of these teachings in sound become an experience that should be expected. The results have varied over time, but more than 99% of the reviews have been nothing but positive and attest to the effectiveness of the audio.


The BioEnergy Code Audio Guide is a work of great insight born from experience, practice, and total understanding of the situations people are left in that are not where they would love to be, or where they think they deserve to be.

Manifesting the life the user wants and connecting with the positive energies of the universe has always been an ineffective way to put the user’s life in order, through meditation, the user of this audio will be able to open up the chakra centers in their body, dispel all the negative energy that manifests itself around them, and be able to manifest their thoughts and desires into the physical.

They will also live a healthier and happier life, become better at making decisions, and become wealthier and more financially stable through the better decisions, relationships, and connections they are bound to make with the new decisions, discoveries, and experiences the audio guide program will cause them to make and have.

This audio program also has special effects for fighting and overcoming depression, which is the common cold of emotional and mental strains we experience in the contemporary world today. 

So with just a sum of as little as $37, the user starts on an uplifting and self-discovering journey, and so long as there is a willingness to learn and to cause a change, the user is bound to have new and very positive experiences going forward. Don’t like what you see after a few months? There is a money-back guarantee so do not worry.

Everyone deserves to live a life free of depression, and a life that offers them what they want, and this audio has proved to make that possible. 

Disclaimer: This 30-minute audio program is designed to teach and guide the user into learning, understanding, and benefiting from the universal positive cosmic energy in a way that the user can remove negativity and negative energies from in and around the user at the same time while opening the user up to be able to manifest the right things, the things the user want, and the things the user deserve and should have. 

So at the last, there has to be a willingness to learn or a desire to change some things in the user’s current status, become happier, or win over depression. The audio helps the user manifest, so to be helped, the user must first need it or just want something better.

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