Big SMO Weight Loss. Diet, Workout & Surgery Details With Before After Pictures.

Big SMO Weight Loss Surgery

The popular American rapper Big SMO achieved immense recognition from the audience for his hard work and talent. But the recent weight loss journey of Big SMO made him more popular tremendously. He became the talk of the nation after he was reduced by almost 110 kilos. He was suffering from an unhealthy lifestyle and over bodyweight problem. To reduce weight Big SMO has taken almost three years to achieve the result. In fact, after he underwent quadruple bypass surgery, Big SMO lost many pounds of weight. Moreover, there are many more interesting stories present during the whole weight loss journey of this talented rapper Big SMO. If you are interested in finding out all of the details of the Big SMO weight loss journey, then we will discuss everything here in this article. 

Who Is Big SMO?  

Big SMO is a very popular name in the American music industry. He is also famous as a songwriter, producer, rapper, and singer. By showing his excellent talent for music, he has taken a strong position in the hearts of the audience. He has worked on many albums and sung many songs as well. But the real name of Big SMO is John Lee Smith.  However, he has achieved all his fame with the title Big SMO. And this is his stage name also. 

He was born on February 14, 1976, in San Diego, California. And from his childhood, he was very interested in music. He has taken the inspiration to be in a musical career from his parents. The first studio album of Big SMO was released in 2014 which was Kuntry Livin. After that, he worked with numerous albums and multiple-level albums in his career.

In the same year 2014, he has given all his focus to a television reality series A&E. he completed his graduation degree from Shelbyville Central High School. On the other side, he always remained in the news for his extreme health and appearance. At a certain point in his life, he took the decision to take the help of a weight loss transformation method to reduce body weight quickly.

  • Key Takeaways
  • Big SMO underwent Quadruple Bypass Surgery in 2015.
  • Big SMO lost more than 110 pounds of weight with the help of a healthy lifestyle.
  • His diet & workout routine has been mentioned below in the post.
  • Recently her daughter Lanica was gone missing but as per Big SMO’s recent Instagram, she is safe now.

What Happned To Big SMO?

After the weight loss journey of Big SMO, the fans and the audience become much more interested to know about his life after the weight reduction. Even people are showing their interest in knowing what happened to Big SMO. To give an answer to this particular question then Big SMO is right now living a very healthy lifestyle. He has taken the help of quadruple bypass surgery to reduce more than 100 pounds of his body weight.

Big SMO Weight Loss

After, weight reduction, he does not take drinks and does not smoke. Even numerous exercises become a daily part and ritual of his life today. He practices two times all of the exercises every day to maintain his body.  Therefore, this is all that has happened to the famous rapper and singer Big SMO. 

Big SMO Weight Loss

The weight loss journey of this famous rapper Big SMO was not a very simple task for him. He has to change a lot of things regarding his lifestyle and food habits. And he worked very hard to reduce body weight. According to some sources, he has built a gym in his own house where he every day used to practice exercises to reduce body weight. Besides that, he was very much dedicated to hard work and practicing all of the exercises regularly. To be in perfect shape, he has taken the help of the exercises as much as he could. 

And all these things individually helped him to pursue his goals. Even the weight loss journey of the famous singer Big SMO also helped him to achieve more popularity and fame. And in 2015, he has taken the help of quadruple bypass surgery. At that time, he became almost 400 pounds. And in a period of 3 years, he has successfully managed to reduce almost 110 pounds from his body.

Even this particular operation has given a reminder to him to take care of his health and mind. Besides that, he even accepted on YouTube that he was in need to take surgery to reduce weight quickly. Moreover, he also took assistance from Coach Alex to follow a very unique workout routine every day. 

Diet & Workout Routine

Talking about the diet and workout routine of the famous singer and rapper Big SMO then he has taken the help of all of the healthy foods and a maximum number of exercises. For practicing all of the exercises every single day, he made a gym in his own house. After making the gym, he engaged himself to do all of the exercises 2 times every single day.

Apart from all of these things, he also cut down all of the junk foods and unhealthy food habits. He also quit drinking and smoking. Therefore, by taking the advantage of both healthy food habits and exercise, and with the help of the quadruple bypass surgery, he managed to reduce weight within three years. 

Big SMO Daughter Missing

And there was a time when the news came out that the daughter of Big SMO is missing. Big Smo’s Daughter Lancia Smith is missing and she was just 19 years old. She was seen on the highway when she was driving. Soon the news spread all over the whole country and everyone became surprised to hear it.

The marriage life of the famous singer Big Smo is not a happy and smooth journey. He has faced and successful married life. He had two wives. Altogether he has three daughters. He never spoke in front of the media about his successful marriage life. But he has always confessed his love for his three daughters. Moreover, he also confessed that all of his daughters have helped him to become a better man and a better father. 

In fact, the famous singer took the advantage of social media platforms to upload family pictures of himself with his daughters. They celebrate all the little things in their lives with their fans and the audience through their social media handles. Recently on his Instagram Big SMO posted a video expressing his relief over her daughter. He said Lanica has been found and she is safe now. 

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