Ashley McBryde Weight Loss. How Did She Loss 35 Pounds?

Ashley McBryde Weight Loss

Ashley McBryde the singer of the One-Night Standard song has lost approx 35 pounds of weight. The exact amount of the weight loss is yet to be confirmed by the singer. Today in this article we will talk about a 39-year-old country singer. who also likes to have so many tattoos on her body.

Who is Ashley McBryde?

NameAshley McBryde
Date Of BirthJuly 29,1983
Place Of BirthSaddle, Arkansas, U.S.
UniversityArkansas State University
CareerCountry Singer, Song Writer(From 2006-Present)

Ashley is an American Country singer and songwriter as well. McBryde was born in Saddle, Arkansas, U.S.A. on July 29, 1983. She was drawn to music at a very young age and knew what she wanted to do in her life. At the age of 5, Ashley decided she wants to be a country musician and singer and she achieved her dream eventually.

At the age of 5, Ashley told her mother that she wants to be a country singer and repeated this at the age of 12 and proved herself when she turned adult. Asley released her first self-album in 2006. After that McBryde moved to Nashville in 2007 for her singing career and joined the band Dead Horse. In her struggling days, the singer performed everywhere she could, Ashley played open mic nights at her day job in a guitar center. Her success journey started after winning a reality show in 2009 “Country Showdown“. Chris Lacy senior music president at Warner Music Nashville Singed a contract with Ashley in 2017 after that the singer never looked back. McBryde is been nominated for Grammy Awards Four times.

Ashley McBryde Weight Loss.

Ashley always struggled with her appearance from the beginning. People with whom she works on a daily basis always try to convince her to have changes in her looks. Her coworker also suggests she lose some amount of weight or straighten her hair to be in the desired shape that the entertainment industry requires. Her coworker also suggested-her to run twice a day which she really hates. In an interview with Music, Week Ashley talked about the standards of the industry “You have to look certain ways.”

Ashley also added “People close to me that I worked with on a daily basis were saying, ‘You should be running twice a day,” McBryde said. “If I had time to run twice a day I still wouldn’t, because I hate to run. Of course, I want to be healthy, but at the time I wasn’t any bigger than a twig anyway and they were still trying to have me lose X amount of weight, because, ‘If we’re going to take photos, the camera’s going to put that weight back.’ And, ‘We love your curly hair, but it’s too curly – can we put our own curls in?’ I was like, ‘OK, I’ll try anything.”

Further to support her thoughts, Ashley said that she wants to be an inspiration for everyone. That when you wanna be successful you don’t have to look certain ways. Talent is all it takes to be in the industry. Your looks, hair, and body doesn’t matter if you are talented.

How Did Ashley McBryde Lost Weight?

Ashley does not like to run or do heavy workouts. Instead of hitting the gym and lifting heavy weights, McBryde prefers to follow a certain diet. To lose weight the singer has only followed a strict diet. According to TvGuideTime McBryde’s current weight is 62 KG(136.6 Pounds). From the beginning of her career, her team member always suggested she should work on her physical appearance. Ashley never listened to them. At some point, McBryde realizes that now time for her to work on herself. The exact amount of weight that Ashley has lost is yet to be confirmed, But according to so many sources, Ashley has lost around 35 pounds of weight. After watching Before and after photos of the singer it’s easy to notice the hard work of Ashley.


Who is Ashley McBryde’s Partner?

The curiosity for knowing the name of Ashley’s partner is always been in the buzz over the internet. Our country singer always likes to talk more about her music and less about her personal life. Ashley always likes to keep her private life low-key. The singer is currently not married to anyone and has never been before to anyone. There is no more information available about her current relationship status so Ashley is single as of now. At a certain point, McBryde’s fans were curious about is Ashley and Andy were dating. Later in an Interview with NPR Ashley clarified that she and Andy are just good friends and flatmates nothing more than that.

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