Are Morgan Wallen And Megan Moroney Dating In 2022?

Presently, the social media star and Tiktok famous personality Megan Moroney is gaining a lot of attention from the audience for the song “Tennessee Orange.” The whole song is about a very young girl who falls in love with a boy from East Tennessee. Even the girl found herself in front of a nod which is in orange color and it reflected her love for that specific person.

On the other side, the narrative of the song has already grown up the rival team. Even the girl in the song was a fan of The Tennessee Volunteers. The catchy lines of the song have already attracted the attention of the audience. And with the song, it has been shown a team of football players who have won a match over the rival team. 

The “Tennessee Orange” song has received a lot of popularity on Tiktok social media platform. However, the whole song was not about the sparkling attention of the audience. There are numerous people who claim that the song was inspired by Morgan Wallen. And through the projection, it has been shown that Moroney is in a relationship with the countryman. 

Know each and every detail about Morgan Wallen and Megan Moroney dating rumors.

Who Are Morgan & Megan 

In simple words, Morgan Wallen is a very popular songwriter and country music singer. The album ‘Wallen’s Dangerous’ became the first album that remained in the number-one rank for seven continuous weeks. Even the country album became the first album in the history of 64 years of Billboard 200 that took the position. 

He was born on May 13, 1993, in Sneedville, Tennessee. From his childhood days, he has grown an interest in playing piano and violin. In fact, in his college days, he was also very active in playing basketball. But in an accident, he badly injured her elbow. And after the incident, he has taken the decision to pursue a career in music. 


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On the other side, Megan Moroney is also a very popular face and a social media influencer mostly in Tiktok. On the Tiktok platform, she has huge fan followers estimated at more than 400k. The University of Georgia alum, 25 years old, is the most popular album of Megan Moroney and to the album; the audience has watched all of her personal life and music career.

In 2020 she shifted to Nashville to pursue her musical career. She became the center of attention and the topic for the nation after the release of “Tennessee Orange”. Besides that, for the album, she has even dropped an opportunity for the debuted EP titled Pistol Made of Roses, and a song named “Wonder”.

Are They In A Relationship?

There was a strong rumor that spread about the relationship status of both Morgan Wallen and Megan Moroney.  People started assuming that both of them are in a relationship after coming in front of the media for the release of the album Tennessee Orange. In fact, the rumor has also spread on Tiktok social media platforms too. 

In the album, Megan sang a song where she expressed her feeling toward a blue eye man. She has shown all of her love for a country singer through the album. And the audience assumed that she is in love with Wallen. But in reality, the news is not a true fact it is just a rumor.  

But recently Megan accepted that she is wearing Morgan Wallen’s shirt in Tennessee Orange. This raises the bar of speculation even more. We are waiting for the official confirmation from the alleged couple. 


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Who Is Morgan Wallen Dating?

According to the sources and as of 2022, Morgan is not dating anyone and he is single. However, he has seen a lot of hard situations in his life in 2020. He has been arrested for misbehaving in front of the kid rocks bar. According to the reports he was in a relationship with a woman named Katie Smith in 2020. 

But right now they are separated and from that relationship, he became the father of his son Indigo Wilder. And after the separation till now he is not involved in any one of the relationships and totally gives all his focus and dedication to his career. 

Morgan Wallen With Ex-Fiance Katie Smith & Son Indigo Wilder

Who Is Megan Moroney Dating?

As she is a very popular social media star and a popular singer therefore her name has taken with a lot of men. But the most popular was received after she appeared with Wallen and for the release of her album. The majority of this section already believed that both of them are in a relationship and shared a beautiful bond with each other.

But in reality, both of them are not dating the other. They have come in front of the audience just because of their professional work. Even though she has also shared a lot of pictures on her social media platforms from those pictures the audience and the fans are suspected to be in a relationship with Wallen. However, it is not true news and both of them are just good friends of each other. 

Morgan Wallen And Megan Moroney

Megan Moroney Tennessee Orange Lyrics 

Here are the lyrics from Megan’s Tennessee Orange that made people speculate about their relationship.

“I met somebody and he’s got blue eyes “,  “I’m wearin’ Tennessee orange for him”, Took me to Knoxville last Saturday And I wore the hat on his dash to the game”. The whole song looks like it is dedicated to Morgan Wallen by Megan Moroney. But nothing about other relationships is confined yet. Whether they are dating or not in 2022 is still unknown as none of them has accepted anything about their relationship yet.

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