Are Finn And Sadie Dating In 2023? Full Dating History

Finn And Sadie Dating

It has been a recurring phenomenon in Hollywood, that co-stars should eventually develop chemistry that exists beyond the screen. The popular stories of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are testaments to this as these two couples met on movie sets and hit it off from there. Even going ahead to get married on some occasions.

In recent times, Stranger Things stars Finn & Sadie is the news due to their alleged dating rumors. But are Finn and Sadie dating in real life? 

In this article, you will get to know all the details about Finn Wolfhard & Sadie Sink’s relationship status. How do they meet? Did they know each other before Stranger Things happened? And who are Finn & Sadie dating in their real lives? You will get to know the answers to all these questions and many more about Finn & Sadie’s dating life. 

Are Finn And Sadie Dating In 2023? 

Sometimes two people just happen to be so good together in a role that fans can’t believe they don’t exist as a couple off-screen. This has given rise to various speculated celebrity pairings which turned out to be just rumors and some which were a little more than just rumors.

Stranger Things, the brainchild series of the Duffer brothers is a Netflix original sensation that has gone off and on the chart since the production of the first season in 2016. It is no wonder Netflix bought the idea less than 24 hours after they were pitched. The thriller, horror, and mystery mesh gave the movie series a solid plot, while the skills and expertise of some of Hollywood’s best like Winona Rider, David Harbour, Natalia Dyer, and Finn Wolfhard brought the characters to life.


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One of the more exciting news items stranger things left us with has to be the speculations about the relationship between their co-stars Finn Wolfhard who acted as Mike Wheeler in the iconic series, and Sadie Elizabeth Sink who played the role of Max.  Though Sadie Sink did not feature in the first season of Stranger Things, she quickly won the hearts of fans and co-stars alike after she joined the franchise in the second season and has featured in the succeeding seasons currently up to season 4. 

According to celebrity news and the investigation of media personnel, Finn and Sadie did date. Though it is obvious that they are currently no longer together, the press has confirmed that at some point in 2016, the Canadian-born actor and American-born actress had been a ‘thing’. 

The young stars were said to have dated back then, even before they became the Stranger Things couple sensation they seem to be today. Not much was documented or known about their relationship as they kept it very discreet, but the rumors started when they were spotted at events together and were later confirmed by people who were close to the couple. But it is confirmed that Finn and Sadie are not dating anymore in 2022. 

Both stars have moved on with their relationship lives though they still feature in the same Netflix original series and still have strong chemistry between them, they are officially no longer together as a couple.

Who Is Finn Wolfhard Dating?

For many years after the unsuccessful dating affair with Sadie Sink, Finn Wolfhard stayed out of the spotlight when it came to his relationships.  Though he was gaining more and more recognition as a prominent teenage actor, he steered clear of the media’s involvement in his personal life by keeping anything about his ongoing or proposed relationships under wraps.

That is until he made an official announcement on his Instagram in June 2021. The announcement that got fans very excited came in the form of a picture he posted, which he took with another popular actress Elsie Richter who stars in HBO’s Doll & Em. 

Finn Wolfhard's Girlfriend Elsie Richter

Although speculations about their relationship had started as far back as April of the same year after they were spotted attending an NBA game together. Finn later went ahead to delete the blurry telltale picture of them he posted on Instagram and together he and Elsie have maintained a hushed environment about how thorny or rosy their relationship currently is.

Although little note is known about the going on in the current relationship, it can still be safely assumed that Finn Wolfhard and Elsie Richter are still very much together. This has not in any way been a barrier to any of their acting careers or taking roles that required chemistry with other actors.

Who Is Sadie Sink Dating?

Being in Stranger Things introduced Sadie Sink to Millie Bobby Brown, who has become like a sister or childhood best friend to her, but as for her relationship life, it is safe to say that Sadie is currently single. There have been news, rumors, and speculations about who she could be in a relationship with over time. 

Fans have even gone ahead to do some picture mashups of her and other stars which they thought would make a perfect match for her. This is yet to yield any results, there has been little news of her and any other celebrities hooking up in a way that would cause speculations. 

The many times she has been spotted, sometimes with her BFF Millie Brown, she always seems to be living her best life. So, even though Sadie Sink is currently not in any relationship, the 20-year-old seems to have her life exactly where she wants it.

Sadie Sink’s Dating History

Much like Finn, Sadie Sink also appears to have a short string on her dating resume. Little is known about her relationship life, and apart from the 2016 romance with Finn Wolfhard the rest of her relationship news has almost all been speculation.

The first buzz that indicated or suggested she might be seeing someone was her repeated appearance with Joe Alwin’s brother, Patrick Alwin in September of 2021. The media quickly started digging for news of them being a couple, but after a few months of digging without any successful leads apart from the appearances they saw them make, they gave up on it.


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Her connection with Aidan Gallagher was even more of a rumor and speculation than the former. It did not last long enough to gather much dust and so subsided almost as quickly as it had started. Though many fans wished something would work out between both parties, it seemed none of that was meant to be. 

Finn Wolfhard And Sadie Pull & Bear

In the  Spring Summer collection of 2019, fashion brand Pull & Bear teamed up with Stranger Things stars Finn Wolfhard and Sadie Sink for a limited edition Capsule Collection. Fashion photographer Matteo Montanari captured the campaign which quickly became a sensation among fans of both the fashion brand and the show. 

The brand recognized the chemistry and creativity that existed between the two. They embarked on a summer capsule fashion collection with the duo which became an immediate success. The collection is still widely sold, and fans have expressed their desire to see a follow-up collection to the successful maiden edition they launched in 2019.

Conclusion: Finn & Sadie Dating

The duo is not just talented, they have creative chemistry working for them. Even though they both agreed that going their separate ways was best for them, fans are still hoping against hope that with how much they have achieved together, they might want to give love another chance.

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