Apple G Shock Fossil Diesel Rado First Copy Watches Vs Original Definition.

Apple G Shock Fossil Diesel Rado First Copy Watches

Learn How To Find The Difference Between Original and Apple G Shock Fossil Diesel Rado Rolex First Copy Watches Online. With Price List. So, nowadays the demand for luxury products is increasing day by day. But as you know the actual Rolex watch or Apple or Rado watch would cost you thousands of rupees or maybe lakhs (Thousand Of Dollars). But for the First copy watch, you would find even under 2000 or 4000 Rupees the exact replica of the luxury watches.

90% – 95% of people don’t know the value of luxury watches. For them branded or non-branded watches are kind of the same. But what if you are a watch enthusiast and just don’t want to buy the 1st copy watch in the name of the original? You know the value of apple original watches and don’t want to compromise on the quality. Do you want to buy the original one, but don’t know how to differentiate between the original and replica first copy Rolex or Rado or Apple watch?? So, here we are writing some tips for you to find the difference between original and 1st copy watches.

The Glass Of The Watch

Glass of watch

Plastic Glass/Acrylic Glass

Plastic Glass is the lowest kind of glass used in making low-cost watches. Most common in low-priced watches.

Mineral Crystal Glass

Mineral Crystal Glass is the most common glass type you will find in most medium-range watches. It is made from silica and is a low-cost product. But it is high quality and a bit high priced glass than plastic glass.

Sapphire Crystal Glass

Sapphire crystal glass watch

But in luxury watches, Sapphire Crystal Glass is used like Rolex uses Sapphire Crystal Glass in its every luxury watch. Sapphire Crystal Glass is a high scratch-resistance product. It is said that Sapphire Crystal Glasses only get scratched with real diamonds. But if it gets scratched, then the scratch can not be polished away, Then you have to change the glass. Sapphire is one of the hardest materials in the world. These kinds of glasses are more reflective than any other kind of Watch glasses.

So, the main difference between Mineral and Sapphire Crystal Glass is the Hardness, Scratch Resistance and Reflectiveness. And let me tell you a secret trick to find the difference between Mineral and Sapphire Crystal Glass. And the trick is whenever you go for buying luxury watches like Apple G Shock Fossil Diesel Rado or any luxury watch and the seller tells you that the piece is original and has Sapphire Crystal Glass, then simply put a drop of water on the glass, if the water flock together then it is genuine Sapphire and if not then it is a Mineral Crystal Glass. And the other trick is Sapphire glasses are a little blueish in color while Mineral Crystal Glasses are a little Pinkish in color.

The Dial Of The Watch

One of the most important aspects of a watch is its dial. You can make sure if the watch is original or not just by looking closely or observing the dial. Let me tell you how.

Finishing Of The Dial

Apple G Shock Fossil Diesel Rado First Copy Watches

So, first of all, look at the finishing of the dial. Original Apple watches are always far better in finishing than fake apple watches. In most first-copy watches you will find uneven surfaces.

Chronograph In The Dial

Most of the branded watches have fewer Chronographs. Maybe 1-2. But in first-copy watches, you will find more Chronographs. Maybe some of them will not even work conditions.

Sound Of The Watches

You may not know but because of the very well manufacturing process and using high standard high-quality tiny products and well assemble products the original watch will not do any ticking sound. You will not find this quality in the replica watches.

Serial Number Of The Watch

Whenever you buy a luxury watch just make sure the same serial number is printed on the watch bracelet and watch case. Brands always take every aspect of the product seriously. They always make sure to have exact serial number markings on the Bracelet and on the case. While first-copy watch manufacturers don’t follow the standard procedure, they just believe in making it fast.

Cyclop Window Of The Glass

Always make sure to check the cyclops window before buying any branded watches. The branded watches’ cyclops windows are just perfect. But you will not find this perfection in replica watches. In 1st copy watches, these cyclops windows may be over-magnified or under-magnified. You will not observe the exact magnifier experience in the cyclops windows of fake watches.

Weight Of The Watch

Luxury branded watches are usually heavier than their fake copies. The reason for that is branded watches are made from diamonds, gold, platinum, and other heavy precious metals and heavy stones. Many-many tiny parts are assembled in the watch for perfect working. These features or materials are not used in replica first-copy watches, so, it makes 1st copy watches light in weight.

Movement Of The Parts

Open the back of your watch, in most luxury watches you will see the moving parts in the back area. And all parts will look beautiful and correctly assembled with each other. In fake copies of watches, first of all, you will not find any moving parts, most probably you will find a plastic ring-type thing to keep assembled the low-quality tiny parts fit in or together. Or if you find moving parts in replicas then must look ugly fitting.

The Packaging Of The Watch

If you have ordered the watch online or buying it from an offline store always look at the packaging first. The box must be of good quality. Look for all the markings and Model Numbers of the watch and the serial numbers. Look for the packaging box or case on the internet. Match the online images of the packaging with the product you have received or you are going to buy.


Don’t ever fall for the heavy discounts. This is the main trap. You will not ever get an 80% or 90% discount on genuine branded watches like Apple G Shock Fossil Diesel Rado or on any other luxury watches. Limited 10-20% discounts are acceptable on special occasions or on sale periods but over-the-limit discounts are just a trap to sell the first copy product in the name of a genuine watch.


Prices are the main factor for buying fake replica watches. Let me share some of the details and the price difference between branded vs fake watches.

Rolex First Copy Watch price

The above image is a screenshot of a very famous website selling first-copy watches. ( All prices are in Rs.)

Rolex Genuine Watch price

And this is a screenshot of where you can see the prices of Genuine Rolex watches and the prices are in dollars. So if you calculate the lowest Rolex watch price 5995 dollars into rupees then it will become around 4,38,000 in today’s price. So, you will get an idea of the price difference.

Rolex Official Website Price List

This is the screenshot of the official Rolex website, where you even can change the material you want in your favorite model. You can totally customize your Rolex watch. See the price in the image. It is  8,63,200 in Indian currency.

Do Some Online Research

Yes, that’s a true and very effective method. Go on the internet and search for your favorite model. Look for the specification of the genuine product. Look for the colors brands are manufacturing for that specific product. Also, try to look for logos and stamps on the genuine watch online, so you can match them with your product later.

There are many kinds of first-copy products available in the market. Some are called master copies, some are called 7A quality some are 10A, and many more but all are fake and replicas. The genuine is only genuine, it doesn’t have different qualities or types.

So, here we have shared all our knowledge on Apple G Shock Fossil Diesel Rado First Copy Watches Vs Original. Please comment down your views on how you liked the article on the difference between original and replica watches.

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