Anna Nicole Smith Weight Gain, Death, And Resemblance to Marilyn Monroe. Bio, Age, Height, Ethnicity.

Anna Nicole Smith Weight Gain

Anna Nicole Smith was an American model and actress who was often compared to Marilyn Monroe, and the two also shared similar uncanny deaths. A beautiful girl, Anna was lifted from the dust and first appeared in Playboy in 1992 but was destroyed overnight.

The whole of America was taken aback when a mortal became an icon overnight. Imagine Bradd Pitt in a white T-shirt enjoying a glass of soda on a summer afternoon with his friends, and suddenly finding himself featured on the front page of a GQ Magazine and later the world to fall in love with. 

For all the Hollywood stories that we find satisfying, the heroine everyone talks about should have no idea that she is going to be of so much attention until she is suddenly rescued from obscurity. Especially if she is to be remade as America’s next sex symbol, just like Anna Nicole Smith in 1993, who was all over American media, appearing on front pages of magazine covers, and billboards, and found herself hailed as her time’s Marilyn Monroe.

Who is Anna Nicole Smith?

Anna Nicole Smith originally born Vickie Lynn Hogan on November 28, 1967, was a popular American model, actress, and television personality. She started her career with Playboy magazine in 1992 and only a year after she won the Playmate of the Year award. However, her career didn’t take a pause here. She started to rise and went on to model for Guess, H&M, and Heatherette. 

Smith was never interested in studies and had dropped out of school in 1984, only to marry the next year. However, the marriage didn’t work and it lead to a divorce in 1993. Anna always managed to create headlines with her life decisions as her second marriage was to an 89-year-old billionaire J. Howard Marshall in 1994. This sparked suspicion among the public that she had married Howard Marshell just for his money, which she denied. 

After the death of her husband, Smith 1955 began a legal battle over a share of Howard’s properties. The case was not anytime sooner to be closed and was taken to the Supreme Court of the United States. Later in 2007, Smith was found dead in Hollywood, Florida, due to a drug overdose. 

Anna Nicole Smith is the perfect example of a person going from rags to riches. On the urging of her boyfriend, she went on to audition for Playboy magazine. And suddenly her call for marrying the oil tycoon Howard Marshell made her the American punchline.

By the time her lengthy case over the properties of Howard Marshell had finally been concluded in 2011, Pierce Marshell (Anna and Marshell’s son), Anna Marshell, and all the power she thought she held had gone with her. 

Anna Nicole Smith Weight Gain

Anna Nicole Smith underwent a significant weight gain of about 70 pounds after which she reached her heaviest at 225 pounds. When she started her career, Anne was compared to the one and only Marylin Monroe because of the glamour quotient Anna Nicole carried on with her. However, she was unable to handle the fame that she got in such a short span and things started to happen and her weight gain started to plague her after which she was just another lady in Hollywood. 

Throughout her career, Anne’s weight was never constant and kept on fluctuating.  When she first came to Hollywood, she weighed around 115 pounds, but soon enough, her life changed so much in the next four years, that she ballooned up to a great extent and her weight exceeded almost 225 pounds. 

Anna Nicole Smith while recalling these times, had said that she was going through a very rough phase in her life during which she gained so much weight. Her acting career had come to standstill, and she had no upcoming projects in her career. She was looking for her next big thing when her elderly husband died, leaving her out of the inheritance.

Not only she had zero upcoming projects and going through legal court cases, but she also was getting treated for substance abuse. She had lawfully prescribed a wide range of medications for anything from migraines to stomach issues and back pain to implants and seizures. She gained a large amount of weight while on the drugs, and the media exacerbated matters by shaming her for her addiction and being savage in their attacks on her weight.

People started commenting on Anne’s body type and started commenting on how she is such a disgrace to be compared to Marilyn Monroe. All these comments and trolling, made Anne hit the rock bottom. But she didn’t let all of this affect her and put herself up. That was not going to be the end of her. She worked hard to get back to what was she earlier and managed to lose all the weight that she had gained from being on medication and made a comeback after an impressive weight loss.

Anna Nicole Smith’s death

Anna Nicole Smith who found fame on one sudden day was found dead on Thursday in her suite at the Seminole Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Smith was 39, and the cause of her death was not determined. 

However, after the police conducted the investigation and the doctors released the autopsy result, it was found that Anna Nicole Smith had accidentally overdosed on at least nine prescription drugs – including a powerful sleep syrup. The autopsy report also enclosed that several infections were also found on her buttocks from repeated injections. Anna had refused to go to the hospital three days before she was found dead and rather chose to ride out her illness in a hotel suite that was found littered with pill bottles, soda cans, nicotine, and an open box of Tamiflu tablets. 

Howard Stern Anna Nicole Smith Interview

It has been over 15 years since the death of the playmate of the year 1993, and still, people talk about how the model had become a symbol of the mistreatment of women in the media. 

In an interview with Howard K Stern, Smith had been shown feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed by the host’s antics. Shockingly, in the interview, it is quite prevalent that Stern was pressurizing Anna Nicole Smith to allow private access to her body to someone named Benji who worked on the show. 

Smith seemed to be quite nervous when Benji asked her to go into what seemed like a bathroom with him. But she still accompanied Benji into the small room. And when they came out of the room, Benji claimed to have kissed her and Smith seemed to just have agreed to what had been said by Benji. 

Some fans had also complained about the interview being uncomfortable as it had shown Nicole as a joke who just uses her body to get things done. 

The interview was not only limited to this but also had shown the hosts making fun of Nicole’s weight in a derogatory manner and demeaning her fashion sense before bringing her out for an interview. 

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