Angela Simmons Dating History From Bow Wow To Yo Gotti. Boyfriend In 2022.

Angela Simmons Yo Gotti Dating

Falling in love with a co-star, nowadays, it becomes a very common thing among celebrities. We often hear stories of rumors about celebrities when celebrities do a lot of work together. Even when two famous personalities are often caught spending time with each other by the media, they became the talk of the nation. The exact thing happened to the American reality star Angela Simmons. But she has to face a lot of ups and downs in the relationship. Till today, she has been involved in a lot of relationships with most of her co-stars and famous other personalities in the American industry. However, this American reality star Angela Simmons also has a huge fan following. Here is Angela Simmons dating history for her fans. 

Most of the time, all the fans and followers of Angela Simmons remain very curious to know about her personal life. They show their interest to know all the little information regarding relationships and other things. And if you wish to know about the dating history of this famous reality star personality then we will try to provide all the dating history in detail. 

Who Is Angela Simmons 

Before getting into the relationships and the dating history of Angela Simmons, first, you should know who Angela Simmons is. In simple words, Angela Simmons is a very popular and common face of the American entertainment industry. She is a very talented woman and a popular reality star. At the same time, she is a very strong social media influencer, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman, a fashion enthusiast, and a shoe designer.

Angela was born on September 18, 1987, in New York, US. And in her hometown, she is quite popular for her pastry shoe designs. She also has a fashion shoe website. Moreover, Angela also has a skin care beauty brand. And the brand is famous for the name Simmons beauty. And to the help of her social media platforms, she promotes all of her products among the audience.

The father of Angela Simmons is Joseph Simmons who is a very talented and professional DJ who is famous as Rev.Run. The mother of Angela Simmons is Valerie Vaughn; she is the first wife of her father. But unfortunately, in 1992 they separated. Angela has two siblings who are Vanessa Simmons and Joseph Simmons Jr. 

From the second marriage of her father, she has four other siblings too. The names of the step-sibling of Angela Simmons are Russell Simmons II, Miley Justine Simmons, Diggy Simmons, and Victoria Anne Simmons. 

Angela Simmons Current Boyfriend In 2022

Different types of people are saying different types of things regarding the relationship status of Angela Simmons. According to the information of some people, Angela Simmons is single as of 2022. But the other sources say that as of 2022, Angela Simmons is dating Khalil Mack. Since 2018, both of them have started dating each other. 

It’s been more than 4 years that they are together and living a healthy relationship. According to some sources, before she came into the relationship with Khalil she was in a relationship with more than 12 people.  Unfortunately, all of the relationships did not work. The relationship with her boyfriend Khalil becomes her longest relationship. 

Angela Simmons Dating History

Talking about the relationships of this famous reality star Angela Simmons then she has been involved with a lot of famous personalities till today. According to the sources, she has engaged Sutton Tennyson in 2016. He was a long-term boyfriend of Angela Simmons. But in 2017, due to some personal issues, they separated

According to the sources, the ex-fiance of Angela Simmons is no more today. In November 2018 he was founded in his garage. He has been killed at the age of 37 by 13 gunshots. After that, Angela Simmons shared a relationship with Romeo Millar. He was a very popular and talented Hip Hop singer at the time. Besides that, he was also a co-star of Angela Simmons. She was in a relationship with her co-star Romeo Miller for a long time.

After the separation from Romeo Miller, she was in relationships with other popular co-stars as well. There was a rumor that Angela Simmons dated Charles Johnson, Brandon Jennings, and Mille Cam Newton. Again in 2020, she shared a very deep and romantic relationship with Daniel Jacobs.

Angela Simmons And Bow Wow

She was linked up with another one of her co-stars’ Bow Wow. There was a strong belief that both of them shared a beautiful relationship with each other in 2006. However, there was no official confirmation from both people about their relationship status. They have always shared a beautiful friendship and bonding with each other.

And the strong friendship and bond between them increased the rumor of the relationship among the audience. Moreover, even both of the personalities said that they are nothing but good friends. 

Angela Simmons & Bow Wow

Angela Simmons And Yo Gotti

Another link-up of Angela Simmons is with Yo Gotti. As per the sources, both of the celebrities have made with each other a few months ago in a nightclub. And from there the news has been spread all over the whole town that Angela Simmons is in a relationship with Yo Gotti. But there is no confirmation about the relationship status.

Both of the personalities often hang out with each other. They have often seemed to spend time with each other publicly. But none of the celebrities disclose anything regarding the truth of their bonding. There is no confirmation whether they are sharing our relationship status or not.

Angela Simmons And Daniel Jacobs

In 2020, Angela Simmons used social media platforms to post numerous photos with Daniel Jacobs. After watching the photos with Daniel Jacobs, everyone confirmed that she was in a relationship with Daniel Jacobs. But it is not officially confirmed the relationship between Angela Simmons with Daniel Jacobs.

She did not disclose anything about her relationship status with Daniel Jacobs openly. Therefore, there is no information available on the Internet about whether the relationship was true or just a rumor. 

Father Of Angela Simmons’s Baby

The name of Angela Simmons’s son is Sutton Joseph Tennyson Jr. And the father of her son was Sutton Tennyson. He was shot dead in November 2018 outside his Atlanta home. 

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