Andrea Bocelli Illness, Weight Loss, Vision Lost, & Health Update.

Is Andrea Bocelli Sick

Andrea Bocelli is a famous Italian tenor and multi-instrumentalist. The genre of Andrea Bocelli is Operatic pop, Latin pop, classical and traditional pop. He did his first music recording with the Sugar Music Lebel. In 1994, Andrea rose to fame when he won the 44th Sanmero Music Festival with the song, “Il mare calmo della sera“. Since the rise of his music in 1994, he recorded 15 solo studio albums of pop and classical music. All the achievements he had and the songs he sang never make it difficult to believe that such a brilliant personality had an illness during his entire professional life. He was ill right from birth but didn’t let it come his way of creativity and gave us masterpieces every time. Here is the detailed article about Andrea Bocelli’s Illness, his loss of vision, and his weight. Here is his full health update.

Andrea Bocelli Illness. How Did He Lose His Sight?

Andrea was not born blind. After his birth, at the age of 5 months, he was diagnosed with a rare condition known as congenital glaucoma. This rare condition occurs only in infants and children. Primary and secondary glaucoma are two categories that apply to this illness, just like other types of glaucoma. Secondary congenital glaucoma develops as a result of an accident or problem, whereas primary congenital glaucoma occurs when the disease does not come from another illness or condition.

Sources revealed that the doctor warned Andrea’s mother before his birth that he might be born with a disability and advised his parents to opt for abortion at one stage. After his birth, it was clear that he had several eyesight problems. But his mother overruled the doctor’s advice and encouraged him to oppose abortion for his later life.

It was explained by Specsavers that congenital glaucoma is caused by the development of an abnormal drainage system in the eye. This doesn’t allow the eye to run the clear fluid called aqueous humor.

Unaware of his illness, Andrea took piano lessons when he was 6 years old. At the age of 12 years, his life changed suddenly. He met a dreadful football accident at the age of 12 years and suffered from a brain hemorrhage. This hemorrhage led to the complete blindness of Bocelli.

He refused to give up on music and learned the hard sections through Braille script. He admitted that doctors used various ways to cure his illness and even used leeches but nothing seemed to cure it.

Andrea Bocelli Weight Loss

The famous opera singer, Andrea Bocelli’s weight loss rumor spread on the internet like fire. As he was performing live in the Ester Session, fans saw some changes and thought he had lost a few pounds of body weight. His fans got concerned about his weight loss and thought he was suffering from an illness that led to a decrease in body weight.

After many rumors on the internet, Andrea spoke about his weight loss and he admitted that in reality neither did he go through any weight loss surgery nor did he lose weight. Bocelli said gaining and losing weight is part and parcel of life. He said he switched to a more healthy diet as he didn’t use to have healthy meals in the past. He just started eating meals with more vegetables and salads.

Bocelli likes eating pasta cooked simply without fancy sauces and eating good vegetables. Andrea avoids food that is sweet and oily.Andrea prefers coffee as his drink which is not much usual. He drinks wine only after a successful event and is not a traditional drinker He consumes meat twice or thrice a week and considers it to have health risks if consumed daily. He takes care of himself by staying hydrated.

Andrea Bocelli Health Update

Tenor Andrea Bocelli has suffered a lot since early childhood. He suffered through congenital glaucoma at 5 months old and later had a football accident. This accident caused a brain hemorrhage and caused complete blindness at the age of 12.

Andrea Bocelli after two months of suffering from coronavirus made a public post that he along with his family tested positive for covid-19. He confirmed his diagnosis in a Facebook post back in 2020 and wrote that he was fortunate enough to have a swift and full recovery. He also let his fans know why he was secretive about his covid-19 status at first, as he didn’t want to add more tension to the covid-19 scenario and also protect the family’s privacy back in 2020.

After full recovery from COVID-19, Bocelli added that he quickly donated blood in an attempt to help others cure from covid-19.

Some Personal Facts

Andrea Bocelli had 3 greatest hits albums, and 9 operas and sold over 75 million records worldwide. He gave many biggest selling albums and the greatest hits that the world could ever witness. My Christmas was the best-selling holiday album in 2009. In 1998, Bocelli was ranked one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in People’s magazine. He even duetted with Celine Dion in the song “The Prayer”.

The song “The Prayer” let him win the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song. Bocelli was also got nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song. He also got listed in the Guinness Book of World Records with the classical album, “Sacred Arias”.

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