America Ferrera Weight Loss. Diet, Workout & Before After Pics.


Ugly Betty star America Ferrera unapologetically loves her curves. She is a big advocate of body positivity. But it is also very important to focus on your health. That’s why she is the recent celebrity to join the “Celebrity Weight Loss” group. 38 years old Latin actress has lost weight. Recently she shared the news on her Instagram that she is going to work in Warner Bros’s Barbie along with Margot Robbie. And as the news surfaced on social media, people started to search for details about Ferrera. And her weight loss is one of the most searched queries about the actress.

If you are also searching about America’s weight loss details then you will find all the answers here from her weight loss to diet to workout and her before and after transformation pictures. But before her weight loss, I would like to give you some details about how she gained weight in the first place and some personal information that you might don’t know about her. So, let’s get started.

Who Is America Ferrera?

Her full name is America Georgina Ferrera. She was born on April 18, 1984, in L.A., USA. Her parents América Griselda Ayes and Carlos Gregorio Ferreraare from Honduras. Ferrera is the youngest child of her parents. They are 6 siblings. At the age of 7, unfortunately, her parents got divorced and her father later returned to Honduras. Americ started acting in her school days. The first time she played a role in her school’s play Hamlet was at the age of 7 years. From there, she knew that she wanted to become an actor.

She acted in school plays and in community theaters in her youth days. At the age of 15, she started taking acting lessons. And to pay for those classes, she was babysitting and waited tables. She started her professional career in 2022 by appearing in  Gotta Kick It Up! After that, she played roles in various acting projects like Real Women Have Curves,  Plainsong,  How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer, Steel City, etc. 

And her breakthrough role came in 2006 as Ugly Betty. She played the lead role of  Betty Suarez in ABC’s comedy-drama. She won many awards for the series including Golden Globe Award for Best Actress–Television Series Musical or Comedy. She became the first Latina to receive this award.

Ferrera has been married to actor & producer Ryan Piers Williams since June 2011. They got engaged in June 2010. In January 2018, the couple revealed that they were expecting their first child. In May 2018, she announced that she had given birth to a baby boy one month ago. In May 2020 Ferrera gave birth to a daughter.

America Ferrera Weight Loss

America was a little overweight from her childhood. Even she had some insecurities during her childhood about her appearance. But later she became a confident lady. After delivering her first baby, Ferrera gained a lot of weight. And being an actress, she has to lose weight for her roles. And it is also important to maintain health for her.

In her interview with Cosmopolitan, when she was asked about her take on her looks, she said that she has wasted a lot of time on diets and how she looks. Ferrera further added that people say, “We love you and love what you do and you’re sitting there thinking ‘I’m not skinny enough or pretty enough.” For her, this mentality has taken a lot of work to get over that.

But she was quite confused about whether to lose weight or not. According to her interview in LAtimes, she said that she feels like a regular-size person. And sometimes she worries about losing weight and again gaining weight because according to America, this is how people know her and accept her. She further added that she does feel like if she wanted to lose weight to get in better shape then she thinks that there might be a backlash of why isn’t she comfortable with herself anymore.

America Ferrera Weight Loss Diet

According to LifeStyleMag, she lost around 30 pounds of weight in 2021. At the time of her first pregnancy, Ferrera was preparing for a triathlon so she was in very good shape. But due to her pregnancy, she gained a lot of weight after delivery.

To lose weight, the Superstore actress did many changes to her eating habits. According to OphraDaily, she changed her relationship with food. She swore off scales a long time ago. More than anything Ferrera just tries to be aware of how & what she eats and how it makes her feel. She chooses her foods on some criteria like do certain food makes her feel better, does she feel energized after having that food, does this food makes her feel tired and not energized at all.

America Ferrera always tries to be as easy as possible with herself when it comes to fitness and weight loss. Ferrera considers this as her mantra for her in all of motherhood—to try and not be so hard on herself. But this mantra is also challenging for her because she demands so much more from herself than she would from anyone else.

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America Ferrera Workout

38 years old actress loves to maintain her figure. According to her interview with People, she loves working out. She said that she loves moving her body. She workout once a day. Americ Ferrar further in the interviews told that her relationship with moving her body and working out has evolved, and she thinks that she is in a place where she just wants to enjoy it.

She wants to work out because she likes to. It makes her feel better. In her workout sessions, she mainly dances. According to Ferrera, Dancing is her go-to way to stay in shape. She revealed that dancing has always been a huge part of her family life, even as a little girl. They have morning dance parties on Saturday & Sunday mornings. Ferrera recently partnered with Zumba for their Zumba Beginners program.

She likes to have fun in her workout sessions that’s why she dances instead of lifting weights. This makes her enjoy her fitness routine.

America Ferrera Before After

Here are some of America Ferrera’s before and after weight loss transformation pictures.

America Ferrera Weight Loss

America Ferrera Before After

Conclusion: America Ferrera Weight Loss

Talented actress America Ferrera lost around 30 pounds of weight through her constant efforts. She maintains her balanced diet and workout daily. All these efforts over the years helped her in losing weight over the years.



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