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Allison Holker Husband Stephan Boss

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Allison Holker popular American Dancer and Choreographer recently came in news after the sudden death of her husband Stephan Boss ‘tWitch’. tWitch was not her first husband. She had a daughter from her previous marriage and later married Stephan. She has 3 kids now.

Allison Holker is one of the most talented and famous dancers, actresses, and choreographers in America. She has worked with many films and dancing competitions. And from the Television dance competition show, So You Think You Can Dance, she started gaining fame and success. She was a contestant on that show, and in season 2, she participated, showing her dancing skills and moves.

Recently her husband Stephen Boss who is also known as “Twitch” died. His death news was all over the internet. People constantly want to know why “Twitch” suicide. Is he mentally ill, is he was going through depression or something? There were a lot of unanswered questions. People also want to know more about Alison Holker as she has left alone after his husband’s unfortunate demise. Here in this article, you will get to know about her kids, husband, and family details.

So, let’s get started by knowing more about who Allison Holker is.

Who Is Allison Holker?

After she became an overnight successful personality, people took a lot of curiosity and interest to know about the personal details of this super-talented dancer. In fact, the fans and followers of Allison Holker are also very curious to find out her family details of her. Therefore here we have come with the exact details regarding her family details.

If you are interested to know the family background of Allison Holker, then find out all of the essential information here quickly. Let’s get started with our discussion by knowing the personality in a few words. Allison Holker was born on February 6, 1988, in Anoka County, Minnesota, USA. But she grew up in Orem, Utah. After that, she went to Timpanogos High School and completed her education in 2006 with a graduation degree.

At the age of nine years old, she started her dancing training. And after that, she joined The Dance Club in Orem as a student learning dance. She made herself an expert in numerous dance forms. Some of the dance forms are Jazz, contemporary, tap, and ballet. In the winter Olympics 2002, she showed her talented moves for the opening and closing ceremonies of the event. 

In fact, she has also won a lot of dancing titles by showing her moves and skills. She won the title of National Senior outstanding dancer in 2005 in the New York City dance Alliance. Subsequently, in 2004, she also her first National competition title with Co Dance. 

Allison Holker Husband

The name of Allison Holker’s husband is Stephen Boss, who was also a very famous personality, choreographer, dancer, Actor, and TV producer. Both of them met each other for the first time in the show So You Think You Can Dance. In fact, they have seen together on numerous events and occasions. As they were participants in the show, they have shown their talents in front of the audience.

After dating each other for a short time finally, the couple decided to marry each other in 2013. They married on December 10, 2013, in California at Paso Robles. Besides that, the couple shared a lot of lovely pictures and moments on their social media platforms before the tragic incident happened on December 13. It has been confirmed by the media that on December 13, the husband of Allison committed suicide in the hotel room.

Allison Holker First Husband

Before marriage to Stephen Boss, Allison was previously married to another man. But unfortunately, the audience did not know anything about her previous marriage and the name of her previous husband. She has always kept this information away from the limelight of the media and kept it secret and private. Therefore we do not have any clue about the name of her first husband and what he is now doing.

In fact, with her previous marriage, she gave birth to a daughter. And after getting married to Stephen Boss, he adopted the daughter. Therefore if you are curious to find out the name of her ex-husband, then we are unable to provide you with the exact detail. Hopefully, we will find out the name of her ex-husband in the future. And whenever we discover the name, we will quickly update all of you. 

Allison Holker Ex-Husbands

Talking about the ex-husbands of Allison Holker, then we can elaborate with the name of Stephen Boss as he is no more with us. In recent days specifically on December 13, Stephen committed suicide in his hotel room. However, on the other side, the name of her first husband is still hidden. We only know about Stephen Boss, who is also famous for the twitch Boss name. 

Allison Holker Ex-Fiance

Talking about the ex-fiance of Allison Holker, then there is no ex-fiance of this famous dancer. She had a partner in her previous life and with her previous relationship as she gave birth to her daughter. And on the other side, we all know about the relationship between her with Stephen. The couple got married in 2013, and with this marriage, she gave birth to one daughter and one son. 

Allison Holker Husband Stephan Boss Suicide

Recently the news has come out in front of the audience that the husband of Allison Holker committed suicide in a hotel room. He has not checked out from the hotel at 11 a.m. therefore, Hotel members have tried a lot to get a response from his hotel room. But none of the members received any response. And after that, they immediately asked the help from the police.

And eventually, the police department visited the spot and discovered the dead body of Stephen Boss. The news was confirmed one day later by Allison Holker in front of the media. Now she is a widow and living her tragic life with all her three children alone. Right now, she is facing a very tragic situation in her personal life after losing her husband, Stephen Boss.

Allison Holker Kids

Allison Holker has three kids. She has two daughters and a son. From her first partner; she gave birth to a daughter named Weslie. However, later in time, the daughter was adopted by her husband, Stephen Boss. And on the other side, Allison has two kids from Stephen Boss; one is a daughter, and another one is a son. The name of the kids is Maddox and Zaia.

Right now, Allison is living with all of her kids in her house. After the tragic incident happened and she lost her husband, she went through a very critical situation in her personal life. She is completely devastated and broken after hearing the tragic news of her husband. As she is struggling with the very remorseful condition in her life, it is very evident that it will take a lot of time to get over the situation.

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