Get Your Ex Back With 3 Text Message Examples [Clean Slate Method]

3 Text Messages To Send To Your Ex

3 Text Messages to send to your ex. Have you gone through a recent breakup? And do miss your ex? If the answer is yes then my friend you must have plenty of questions in your mind like how to get your ex back permanently. What text messages should you send to your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend? How to win back your ex with a text message? How to make your ex miss you? And how to get your ex back fast? If you are struggling to find the answer to any of these questions or any question related to being reunited with your ex then this article will help you a lot. I wish that by the time you complete reading this article, you get a key to your ex’s heart again and find a way to be with your ex again.

No matter what were the circumstances, no matter whose fault, no matter who didn’t try hard to make it work but it hurts a lot when your relationship is on the verge of falling apart. It is like breaking up with your soulmate. But when you are in love with someone and having a relationship then sometimes you come to a situation where suddenly everything falls apart and you just break up. But the real situation comes after this breakup. After breaking up, you go through thoughts like you have made a mistake and you just can not live without your ex-partner and want to reverse everything.

But now, the situation has changed. You don’t have any idea how your ex feels about you after breaking up. There are chances that your ex might be not in the same situation as you are. Maybe your ex has moved on. Now what? There are chances that you may have tried to make efforts to get back with your ex but all efforts are gone in vain. If you are on the same page then my friend let me clear one thing and that is most couples who had recently broken up have the chance to get back with their ex-boyfriend & ex-girlfriend permanently.

How To Get Your Ex Back

There are ways to do this and let me walk you through the whole process step by step. But before going deep into the process there are some points that you have to keep in your mind. Below is the list of things you should do and should avoid in order to get your ex back together with you.

1)- Improve Yourself

You have gone through a recent heartbreak and there are chances that you are not in the mood of doing anything right now. You are sad and full of negativity but if you want to get your ex back with you then my, friend the first thing is to gather yourself and move forward. If you don’t love yourself first then no one will ever love you.

Always remember the Lord Buddha once said “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Self Care After Break Up

2)- Be Realistic

You have to be realistic because you just can not imagine that you will send this one Clean Slate Message to your ex and your ex will come to you running. No, this is not gonna happen and you have to be realistic about every upcoming situation. My friend, you have to keep one thing in your mind there is a difference between being positive and being unrealistic.

3)- Make A Change

This is the most important point for me. In the end, everything is good you are back with your ex. But now what? If you don’t make the necessary changes before getting back with your ex then your relationship will fall apart again. Because in the first place, you have to change the things that were the reason behind your breakup.

4)- Let Them Free

Even if your relationship was full of love but your partner was not getting enough space then eventually your relationship will fall apart. Even after breaking up, you should give your ex-partner enough space. Constantly trying to contact and stalking on social media might will harm your chances of getting back with your ex. But that doesn’t mean you can let them go away. Contact them after making the needed change and when you have a clear idea about your relationship and previous mistakes.

5)- Not For Ego

Before taking any step to get your ex back I would like to evaluate your desire first. Is it just because your ego is hurt that someone has left you or do you genuinely love your partner and want your ex to come back in your life again? You have to make things clear first. Sit and think what do you really want?

6)- Respect

No bad-mouthing about your ex. No matter how you both have broken up but there was a time when you both were happy and respected each other. And no complaining about your ex with your common friends. Bad-mouthing will decrease your chances of getting back together with your ex.

Now I assume that you have learned the importance of all these points. And now after knowing about these most important points before starting your journey, I will walk you through how you can get back together using 3 different methods. The first method is The Ex Factor Guide 3 Text Samples & the second one is the Clean Slate Method.

The Ex Factor Guide 3 Text Samples

Ex Factor Guide is a program created by relationship coach Brad Browning. The Ex Factor Guide is a program that tackles the problem of modern days love. It helps you in learning psychological tips and tricks on how you can get back together with your ex. Brad Browning’s The Ex Factor Guide program has plenty of people getting back together and having happy relationships afterward. Through this program, Brad teaches people what to do and what to avoid when they want to get back with their ex. If you are also going through a break-up & separation, then my friend I recommend you to watch Brad’s below-given video in which brad has explained how you can use his secret method for getting your ex back together with you. It is worth watching my friend.

The Brad Brownings The Ex Factor Guide

Though the full step guide is available on the official website of brad Browing’s TheExFactorGuide.Com and I will share the 3 methods with examples from The Ex Factor Guide here with you to help you out in your current situation my friend. Below are the text examples you to get your ex back with you.

1)- “I Am Fine” Text Message

After the break up if your first impression in your ex’s eyes is all about you being desperate to be with your ex-partner, then my friend it is just not good. Instead of showing desperation, show your ex that you are trying to get everything together and you are doing good. This will hit your ex definitely. Because if your ex-partner is still in love with you and if your ex sees you doing well then definitely your ex will feel insecure. No matter if your ex-partner shows any signs of insecurity from inside your ex has felt that. Because, if your partner is still in love with you then your partner will think that how you can be fine without him/her. And your partner will think that you are trying to move on from your ex-partner.

I Am Fine Text Message

By sending an “I Am Fine” text message to your ex you are saying indirectly that you don’t need your ex-partner anymore. And this thought will have a huge impact on your ex’s mind. For making it easy, I have provided some examples of text messages you can send to your ex after a break-up in the “I Am Fine” Phase.

“Hey, no pressure to respond to this, but I just wanted to say I’m truly sorry for the way it all went down with us. And I just wanted to assure you that I am completely fine with the breakup and also that I believed it was a better idea to call it off. I hope we can remain friends. We’ll speak soon.”

2)- “No Communication” Text Message

It is a little bit hard way to say the same thing as we have seen in the first text message. This message will have a huge impact o your ex’s mind. And your ex will be forced to think about you and your text message. It may be difficult for you to send a “No Communication” text message to your ex, but this definitely will have an effect on your ex’s mind. Below is an example of a No Communication text message to send to your ex.

“I think you were probably correct and for us, it will be better if we don’t speak right now. I hope to be and stay as friends soon.”

3)- “Jealousy” Text Message

This type of text message is a little advanced and only used in the correct situations to avoid any kind of misimpression. But my friend, believe me, if you execute this one correctly, then there are chances that your ex will not be able to resist her/himself from thinking about you over & over. The idea that you are thinking or even have started dating someone else will hit your ex hard. And if your ex still has feelings for you then this text message will do your half work of getting back with your ex.

Using this message you are indirectly saying to your ex that now you are trying to move and other people are also interested in you. It is a silent way to say to your ex that your ex is on the verge of losing you if he/she doesn’t take the necessary step. Below is an example of one of the text messages that you will get to know from The Ex Factor Guide program.

“Initially after we broke up, I was in dilemma but seriously it has turned out to be a great idea to start dating other people. And I thought that it would be great if we remain friends”.

I have shared with you some of “The Ex Factor Guide” program’s text messages. But before you start sending these messages to your ex, you have to learn the proper way how to tackle the real situation after sending these messages. And it will be good if you have proper knowledge on how to get your ex back with you. A helping hand or an expert’s guidance in any situation is way more effective than just doing everything on your own and still struggling.  I recommend you go through Brad Browing’s full video presentation by watching the below video. This presentation will help you a lot and you will learn how to fast-forward your journey of getting back to your ex.

Just sending these messages or any text messages you find on the internet is not enough for positive results. You must follow a strategy in order to attract again your ex. When to send these messages, what should be your reaction after your ex responds to these messages, and many more situations you can face in your journey of achieving back the love of your ex-partner.

You have to make your ex believe that you were a gift to him/her and create a fear that your ex is about to lose you. This fear of losing you will make your ex come back to you. And how you can do this? You can do this by following proper guidance. The guidance makes things easy. Watch the below video to learn more about how you can get your ex back by using these psychological tricks.

The Genuine Review Of The Ex Factor Guide

What Is The Clean Slate Method?

The clean Slate Method is the second method that I am going to tell you about & you will know how you can get your ex back with sing Clean Slate Method. So, what is the clean slate method in a relationship?

It is very common in relationships these days that people often say or do various things that they later feel guilty about. But after doing such things no matter how much guilt you feel or try to reverse it but it can still damage your relationships due to your wrongdoings. And is it possible to reverse or repair your relationship after making a big mistake? Yes, not many but there are still options and says you can use in order to repair your damaged relationship.

After making your relationship bitter, you still want to continue and move forward with a fresh start by forgetting your past mistakes is called a Clean Slate Method. It is the process to forget all your past negative memories and toxic moments and start a new fresh love life. I know that’s way hard in real life than just writing about this method. But it can help you in your love life. Don’t you want a fresh start? If yes, then a Clean Slate Method is for you.

What Is Clean Slate Method

Clean Slate Method Apology

Clean Slate Method Apology is taking responsibility for your relationship breakdown.  You have made a mistake and your relationship is about to be broken or has broken up. Now you can try to make it repair using Clean Slate Apology method. It is not about saying sorry but it is about taking responsibility. You can learn how to use the clean slate apology method to reverse the effect of past mistakes using apology and taking the responsibility for the rift in the relationship. There are some points that you have to keep in your mind while using this method. I have mentioned all the points below.

  • Do not try to argue about who is right and who is wrong.
  • It is not good that you expect or Demand forgiveness. Here our target is to take responsibility not to get forgiveness from your partner.
  • Don’t overuse “I Am Sorry“.
  • Do not expect your partner that he/she also will say sorry.

You can use the below example according to your situation for the Clean Slate Apology Method.

I feel so much pain and feel so guilty that I was responsible for you feeling all alone. I feel so lonely now too. My insecurity has caused the loss of my best friend and  my lover.

Clean Slate Message During No Contact

The clean Slate method is all about how you use it and when you use it. These methods only work if used with proper timings. A no contact message is like warning your ex before you start to follow the “No Contact” routine. You can use the No Contact rule in 2 ways. The first is you apologize and hint to your ex that you will not contact him/her afterward and the second is to just disconnect yourself from your ex without saying or hinting anything.

No Contact will make your ex intrigued about you. You being a mystery will make your ex think about you.

When To Send A clean Slate Message?

You can edit this message as per your situation. But while sending this message you have to keep one thing in mind, your message should not sound like you are being desperate. Don’t make any excuses, be straightforward and accept what you did. Apologize and indirectly let your ex know that you are trying to move on.

This behavior will make your ex think about the change in you. And maybe she/he will think that you were not a bad person by heart but circumstances were bad that caused this situation between you both. And the other thing that you have to keep in mind before sending a Fresh Start text, is that if you have recently made mistakes like begging or pleading or requesting her continuously to talk to you or something like that then you should not send the message. At least wait for 25-30 days and then send the message. Remember there is no quick fix for broken hearts, it takes time.

2)- “Good Break Up” Text Message

The Good Breakup Text is for people who have pushed the boundaries after their breakup. If you are one of those emotional people who have done a lot of begging and pleading in front of your ex or have tried forcing your ex to come back into your life then the Good Break Up text is definitely for you. Below is an example of the Good Breakup text message.

“I know I have been reacting so weird for the last couple of days. I have been super emotional and I wasn’t myself these days. Want to apologize for my this unacceptable behaviour. Today things are not in my control emotionally but I know that this break up is probably a good thing in the long run.”

Through this message, our intention is to say that you think that this breakup is a good idea. I know that this is a bit aggressive way to convey that you are ready to leave and move on but after making a lot of pleading and begging this is the best way to increase your chances of getting back with your ex. This is a bit difficult. And while using the “Good Breakup Text”, you have to be very careful.

After using any of the Clean Slate Method text messages you have to follow the No Contact Rule. If you are using text messages to send to your ex then you must leave them and give them some space and time so, your ex can be forced to think about you and your sudden disappearance from his/her life.

3)- “OverBoard” Text Message

Answer my one question first, Did you have gone overboard in pleading and begging, or have gone overboard and done something worst? If your answer is then let me tell you my friend this is one of the worst mistakes you can do after breaking up. with your ex. I know sometimes it works like you get one more chance with your ex in private the last conversation type something. But most of the pleading makes you look like a loser in front of your ex. But what if you already have Overboard in this situation? Then “Overboard” text message will help you.

This is like the final stage of your relationship and you have blown up your last chance of getting back with your ex doing worst than worst mistakes. Then you can use the “Overboard” text message as your last hope. Below is an example of the “Overboard” text message.

“I know sorry will not justify my wrongdoings, But I want to say sorry from the bottom of my heart. You might not be aware but I’ve been going through a lot of personal things I didn’t really tell you about. That’s why I have acted weird in recent days. I know I have to stop and work on myself. From now, you won’t hear a thing from me for a while and again sorry for what I did.”

You may be wondering that previously I had advised you not to blame other things and apologize straight and here I am saying you to blame the emotional turbulence you are going through. Yes, In an Overboard situation, you need a strong excuse. Because no one wants to date a person with emotional imbalance.

If you had worsened the situation and almost killed your chances to be back with your ex then an “Overboard” text message can help you in making a way again to your ex’s mind and then slowly to his/her heart.

Conclusion: Text Messages To Send To Your Ex

Hey friend, here I have tried to give you all the required information to help you in your journey of getting back with your ex. All the details I have provided here are research-based. I have tried to put the most effective methods and text messages here. But still, if you think you need more clarification on this topic then I recommend you to watch relationship coach Brad Browning’s this video. This video will definitely change your perspective and you will get knowledge that is not available on the internet. Do watch this video.