12 Word Text. The Secret To Save & Grow Your Relationship In 2023

12 Word Text

12 Word Text. There are two different sets of women in this world. first are those who are happy in their relationship and the other group of women are those who think that a happy relationship is a myth and even if it is a true thing then it won’t ever happen in their life. My dear friend if you are from the other set of ladies, then let me tell you one thing that being in a happy relationship or making your current relationship a happy one or getting into a relationship with your favorite person all these things just require a positive attitude and a little guidance. Even simple psychological tips & tricks can do wonders. The wonders that you can not even imagine.

Relationship coach James Bauer after his years of experience in counseling couples and helping them in resolving their issues and getting back together, James created a relationship guide. This relationship guide is Bauer’s brainchild. The relationship guide is so genuine and effective that the book has helped hundreds of people, especially women in getting the love they deserved. This book or the whole relationship program is called “His Secret Obsession“. 12 Word Text is one of the chapters that James has written in his very helpful relationship guide for females in His Secret Obsession.

12 Word Text Hero Instinct

The program is specially created for women only. His secret obsession helps women by providing them with the unknown and secret psychological upper hand so they can woo any man of their choice or grow their relationship with their current partner. His secret obsession is quite famous all around the globe. The whole relationship program is so good but the 2 concept of the book is pretty famous among the ladies. The first is Hero Instinct and the second is 12 Word Secret Texts or Phrases. Here we will try to reveal some of the data we were able to gather about the secret 12-word signal here in this article. If you want to learn more about hero instinct, then you can click here on Hero Instinct and read all details about his hero instinct and how does it work?

Ok, here I will tell you my friend what is 12-word text and how this James Bauer’s psychological tips gonna help you in your relationship. If you want to learn directly from the relationship coach James Bauer himself then you can click below and watch his free explanation video.

His Secret Obsession 12 word secret phrase revealed

What Is 12-Word Text?

Before explaining what a 12-word text is, let me tell you about a real incident that James mentioned. In this incident, James told about his old friend or you can say a woman from his relationship counseling named Rachel. Rachel was a girl normally most women out there can relate to. She was a simple girl trying to get into a loving relationship. She had even tried some dates fixed by her friends & family. Rachel dated a few guys and some of her relationships even worked for a few months but none of them had any spark. All her relationships were ended by her male partners. She was a good human but still lacked something in her relationship. Even one of her relationships was on a good note and Rachel was thinking that he is the one and this relationship is what she had always dreamt of. But after a few months, Rachel’s boyfriend started to pull away. And one unlucky day, she was left with so many unanswered questions. What was her mistake? What wrong did she do in her relationship? She was just left wondering.

Most women among us go through this same situation in their love life. And left wondering what part they were wrong at. But, let me tell you that you are awesome. It is not your fault in any manner. It is just some knowledge you lack in your relationship. Sorry to say this but my friend this is true you lack something in your relationship. And do you want to know what you don’t know and what you lack? Then continue reading the story of Rachel.

After getting frustrated with all her previous relationships, Rachel was introduced to James. And after meeting James, things changed for her. Rachel expressed her situation to James. After listening to Rachel, James neither advised her to try other relationships nor pointed out that she is not making enough effort and she can do better types of things instead James advised her to use 12-WORD TEXT. From here, the concept of a 12-word text was born.  James told Rachel to send a text message of 12 words to the boyfriend she was dating. And this 12-word text message that was revealed to her by James made her boyfriend rethink Rachel & and their lost relationship. This 12-word text message triggered his hero instinct.

Do you want to know what this 12-word text message is and how can this text help you in your relationship? Then I strongly recommend you to watch the below video and learn more about this secret signal.

12 word text his secret obsession review

These 12 words concept is known by different names like 12 words secret signal, 12 words texts, or 12-word phrases. But all the names are the same. So, the question is what a 12-word text is and how it can help any woman in a relationship and dating. So, let me tell you, ladies, 12-word text is a magical thing and if you master this then no one can stop you from becoming your man’s deepest desire. You will become his secret obsession.

12 Text is the concept used in Hero Instinct. So to learn more about the 12-word text, you will have to learn more about the Hero Instinct. Hero instinct is a psychological tool that has the potential to transform women into superwomen in their relationships. How to ignite the deepest desires of any man, and how to make your man obsessed with you are some basic things that Hero Instinct covers.

What Is Hero Instinct?

Hero Instinct is a biological drive that pushes your man to think about you more. If used correctly, Hero Instinct can make any man obsessed over you. So, in simple words, Hero Instinct is a natural drive that already exists in a man. But it is hidden deep inside a man. By using the 12-word texts and other psychological tools that James has provided in His Secret Obsession,  you trigger or ignite your man’s or any man’s Hero Instinct.

By triggering Hero Instinct I mean to say that your man starts to feel like a hero of your life. And what is a work of a hero? Hero’s work is to always try to save & impress his love interest. Don’t think that this is only a filmy concept. Hero Instinct works and works like a charm. Hero Instinct has helped hundreds of females in becoming the priority and the main focus of their men.

The Hero Instinct

In his secret obsession, James has mentioned many practical ways to trigger your man’s hero instinct. There are pre-built sets of words mentioned in the book and you have to use them to ignite your man’s hidden hero instinct. Apart from the words, James has also mentioned many other psychological tips and tricks to use in your relationship. It is so helpful that your man will feel more attracted day by day towards you without knowing that you’re doing all this and pulling him psychologically towards you.  If used properly 12-word text and Hero Instinct has the power to transform your relationship. Your man will not be able to stop himself from thinking about you all day.

Do you know that you can grow your relationship by knowing more deeply about your relationship? I recommend you to click here and take this relationship quiz to know if you are having a “GAP” in your relationship or not.

What Men Secretly Want?

More or less any man in this world whether he tells or not but wants 3 things in his life. First, He wants to get respected, second, he wants to feel needed by his loved ones and third, he wants to get appreciated for his deeds. When a man gets all these from a girl, he gets attached to the girl more & more. This is called triggering his Hero Instinct. There are a lot of ways to trigger his hero instinct. The 12-word text from His secret obsession book is one of those effective ways of igniting hero instinct.

Sometimes we make so many efforts and try so hard to get the attention of the man we love or we desire. But the truth is that to get the attention and love you deserve is not a “play hard” game but a “play smart” game. So, how to trigger your man’s secret hero instinct and make him yours forever? I recommend you watch the below video to understand each and everything in detail.

>>Click Here To Watch James Bauer’s Video Explaining All About The Hero Instinct<<

How Will 12-Word Text Help You?

Maybe you are thinking that a concept of a 12-word text how will help you in your relationship. How can a simple 12-word text has a huge impact on a man’s thinking ability and can change your male partner’s attitude towards you? I know that somehow it is not a believable concept for many people. But let me walk you through this.

Initially, when I learned about this “12-word text” concept I was also in a dilemma that to believe it or not. But I wanted to know more so I bought the book “His Secret Obsession” and read the full guide. As I started to read James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession, I started to feel the concepts that James has mentioned and explained in the book, are seems practical and legit. 12-Word Text has an emotional & psychological impact on men’s biological & emotional drive. It targets the inner emotional part of a man. And it makes him feel hungry for your touch, affection, and love.

Just like this 12 Word Text worked like a magic for Rachel it can work for you, too. But remember it is not a magic trick that will help you in making your man mad about you in just one night and that too without doing anything. This will surely not happen. But what you learn from James Bauer’s 12 Word Text & His Secret Obsession, You will have to implement in your life. You will have to make efforts in learning and use the learned lessons in your love life. This way you will see drastic changes in your man and your relationship.

What Is His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession is a program created by relationship coach James Bauer to help women in their relationships. The program contains books with secret psychological tricks & tips, Videos & audiobooks. This material will help you to learn more about men and what they secretly want and how to make your man love you more & more. But unfortunately, this relationship guide is not for every woman. This guide is created for specific women or for women who are in specific situations in their relationships. I have mentioned some relationship situations below. Please read and think about whether are you also going through one of the situations in your relationship or not.

What Is His Secret Obsession
  • You are feeling that your man is losing interest in your relationship.
  • Your partner has started to put other things ahead of spending time with you.
  • He has changed. In the early days of your relationship, he used to reply to your texts instantly and used to call you but now things have changed.
  • You both have less communication.
  • He behaves like he has no interest in you.
  • Your nights are not romantic now.
  • He doesn’t spare time for you.
  • He does not show love, affection, and respect as he was used to show.
  • Your partner is afraid of long-term commitment.
  • You want back the charm of your relationship.

If you are also going through one of the situations mentioned above then my dear friend I recommend you to please at least once watch this video of James Bauer. This will help you a lot, my friend.

His Secret Obsession Why Men Pull Away

How To Trigger His Hero Instinct

I have read the whole book and I know what secret methods this book holds in it. But as I am bound to some plagiarism acts and copyright acts, I can not reveal all things here but I can provide you with some ideas about how to trigger your man’s hero instinct.

#1- Let Him Be Free

Trying to keep him with you every time will lead your relationship to a dead end. Checking on him every time, checking his phone asking him his whereabouts every time is not good for your relationship. It will harm your love life in the long run and doing the opposite will make him respect you more. If you give him his freedom, he will have a sense of respect and gratitude for you. Your man partying with his friends sometimes won’t be an issue for you. You will notice a smile on his face every time.

How To Trigger Hero Instinct

#2- Support His Dreams

What you want from him, you have to give him first. If you want love, affection, respect & support from him then you will also have to give him that. It means a lot for a man when his love interest is with him on his journey. Supporting him will increase his love for you. You will notice how blessed he feels to have you in his life.

#3- You Are Happy Around Him

To ignite his hero instinct, you have to show him that he makes you happy. And when you are with him you feel blessed and happy. These little compliments will spark his hidden hero instinct, and believe me my friend he will try more to make you even happier. He will try hard to make you laugh all the time.

#4- Appreciate Him

Even for small deeds appreciate him. A simple thank you have a lot more power than you can think. Appreciating him for his work and his love is another key to his heart. It is a way to trigger his hero instinct. Make him feel that he holds value in your life. Make him feel that he is very important to you.

Ways To Trigger Hero Instinct In Men

#5- Praise Him

Whenever needed and you think that is the right time, praise him. Praise him in front of his friends. This will boost his confidence. And will increase emotions for you in his heart. Tell his friends why you feel that your boyfriend/husband is a great guy. Show him how much you respect him.

I only can share limited and very basic things about the 12-word text and Hero Instinct here. Because I am not allowed to copy-paste someone’s years of work and experience here But if you want to learn more about His Secret Obsession and the program’s very helpful once[pts like Hero Instinct & 12-word text, Then click below and learn more directly from James.

>>Click Here To Learn More About 12 Word Text<<

Conclusion: 12 Word Text

As far as my personal experience is concerned, I have read the book and learned many lessons from it. Maybe this might not be an ideal choice for every girl out there but His Secret Obsession has helped hundreds of women in their relationships. And there is a lot of positive feedback about the book and the program. In last I can say that 12-word text is effective and if used correctly it can help you boost your relationship with your man. 12 Word Text & Hero Instinct are 2 concepts that you need only to boost your man’s biological drive for love. If you want to read the full book then I recommend you to buy His Secret Obsession and learn from James’s years of experience directly. Below is the discount link for His Secret Obsession.

His Secret Obssession PDF
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BEST OF LUCK DEAR. Have A great Love Life!


Que: For Who 12 Word Text Is Useful

Ans: Short Answer is 12 Word Text Is Helpful For Every Woman. Whether You Are New In A Relationship Or You Have Had Years IN Your Relationship. Or Even It Is Also Helpful For Those Women Who Have Broken-Up Recently And Still Want To Get Back To Their Ex. It Is Also For Those Women Too Who Have A Someone Special In Their Mind But Don’t Know How To Start The SPark In Between Them.

Que: How Can A Book Replaces The Real Relationship Coach?

Ans: I Can Say That If You Are Going Through Any Specific Issue In Your Love Life Then You Can Consult With A Human Relationship Coach. But If You Also Don’t Know The Reason Where You Are Lacking And What Part From Your Side Is Not Working Or Wrong Then I Recommend His Secret Obsession.

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